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Status Replies posted by A.S.

    1. A.S.


      As I know today Maxthon stopped trying to add Chrome extension to MX, but they want to add this to remake of Nitro (it probably will be named LivesOne Browser).

      • Containers are developed by Mozilla and this is exclusive for Firefox.
      • AdBlock Plus and unfixed NoAds (I have to fix it manualy) are the only adblockers for MX as I know.
      • LastPass is available for MX.
      • Instead of Ghostery you can use ABP lists.
      • Try to use ViolentMonkey and scripts to download video if sniffier does not work.

      By the way, whu do you need several ad blockers? ABP and uBlock work with the same links, AdGuard uses own one, but you can add AdGuard lists to uBlock.

  1. V4.9.0.2200 Beta Snapper2 not working 

    1. A.S.


      Wilres made several skins for MX 4.9, works from 0.dat
      I think this is too early. They will add normal skins as in MX3 before.

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  2. Once again my heartfelt thanks for "Google Bookmarks", Alex. I tried then  to change "def.json". One of my own  errors it was  then to save it as "def.js", but when I noticed this error and tried it again, it was not working yet   . The only thing that worked was to try again with other pngs;) But I try on.

    1. A.S.


      I made some changes (new name and icons), but you should understand what I did with old file if you want to make your own extension it the future.
      Russia QIP is almost dead. Can you download file from my letter? I can not be sure that QIP works, so check your facebook.

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