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  1. 27892421 replied at 2015-3-22 00:38 I have tried changing my password and logging in multiple times. I have tried various passwords to ... Since the passport was not recognizing my email address, I just created a new account. And added all of my data again. I don't think Maxthon support cares at all!
  2. BugMiss006 replied at 2015-3-19 22:55 Hi, Sorry for this inconvenience brought to you. I have tried changing my password and logging in multiple times. I have tried various passwords too. Still not able to login! Also, I tried signing up for a new account with my old email address.(I didn't actually signup for one!) The system allows me to sign up and doesn't recognize the email address as already in use. There is definitely something wrong with your database for my email address entry. Please check.
  3. BugMiss006 replied at 2015-3-17 23:14 Hi, According to the information you provided, please try to clear cookies and rename your userna ... Hi, I followed the above steps, but the situation isn't resolved yet. As I said, the site still says "Invalid account or password". Maxthon browser says the same after renaming my user folder in appdata. Moreover, the forgot password feature again says "account doesn't exist". Thanks Update: Forgot password feature now allows me to change my password but I am still not able to login!
  4. BugMiss006 replied at 2015-3-15 21:24 Hi, Thank you for your feedback in detail. I received a reset password email from Maxthon. Turns out that the forgot password feature now recognizes my email id and I can reset my password. But the website and the browser still don't allow me to login and state that the account does not exist. The website gives the error "Sorry, invalid account or password. Please enter again." I know I am typing in the correct password.
  5. BugMiss006 replied at 2015-3-15 21:24 Hi, Thank you for your feedback in detail. My old account details: Email ID: xxxxxxxxxx@yahoo.com EDIT by 7twenty: removed your email address. Hopefully the spambots haven't found it already.
  6. BugMiss006 replied at 2015-3-12 18:27 Hi, Sorry for this inconvenience. Okay. This is how this happened. 1. I was on the maxthon passport website editing my profile logged in with my account. 2. I then decide to disconnect my mobile number from my account. 3. When I click on the disconnect button, I am asked for some verification. I provide the details. 4. The page reloads multiple times, something happens and I get logged out. 5. I am not able to login to my account since. Forgot password feature shows that my account does not exist. I am writing this post from a new account I created to request help here. I will delete this account if I am able to login back into my old account. Please message me if you need my old account details.
  7. A few days ago I was disconnected from my cloud account. I was disconnecting my mobile number from the account when suddenly the page reloaded, some fields like my nickname were replaced by numbers and then I got logged out. Now, when I try to login it is stated that "Account does not exist". Since maxthon created a local copy of my account, I was able to backup my bookmarks. However I don't think I can backup my magic fill data. Also I found some .mxbackup files in the maxthon folder. I don't know how to use them. I requested support but no reply yet. I created this new account to post here.Can someone here help me to recover my account and data?