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  1. Greetings all. I am Marija from southern Finland. I started using computers at age of 37 and mostly for radio-amateur reasons. Nowdays I am 57 and still longing for the times when one needed to learn to be able to use a computer. For the times when one could build them as he liked them to be and the time when Windows was DOS based so one could learn how it works and why I have been using Maxton for several years now. It still is my default browser although I am forsed to use others, lighter ones to be able to play Let's fish with multiply accounts at the same time. I'm still in love with Maxton and I use it for all the important things. I am new to this forum. Usually I have very litle time to read it, although I know it is helpful. Many times I get lost in the forest of issues and topics that interest me, before I manage to ask and look for what I came here in the first place