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  1. Too bad! Not sure I can wait until 2018! I might then consider to migrate to another browser because MX5 skin looks primary school designed :-( Whatsoever, I'm sure we might have good surprises before 2018......
  2. Happy it works for some of you guys but for many others it doesn't!. I have this issue on four machines. One under W7 and three under W10. No idea what is causing the problem but everything works fine when using Firefox. See the other post: http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/bug-tracker/general-support/videos-r67/#comment-237
  3. Many of us have the same problem and reported on the Forum. Apparently there is no solution available at the moment. The only way I found to get it working is to use another navigator. Firefox works perfectly.
  4. I confirm and tend to believe it's Application related. It works perfectly with other navigators such as Firefox!
  5. Hi - I have the same problem since a while and getting more and more site with embedded videos or link to GIF (e.g. as mentioned in other posts, connected to Twitter) not working. As well often, the same message, my browser doesn't support playing video, etc... What makes me frustrated is that, everything works like a charm when using Firefox! Here is a link to a page showing one of the problems ( Ce navigateur ne prend pas en charge la lecture vidéo) http://www.lequipe.fr/Football/Actualites/Incidents-au-velodrome-a-la-fin-d-angleterre-russie/693623