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  1. 20 hours ago, szyp said:

    ¿Por qué la versión portátil de Maxthon (desde necesita derechos de administrador?

    This already happened with Maxthon 6 a long time ago and they solved it perfectly. Now we have the same problem again when we try to copy Maxthon as portable software in corporate network environments and the Administrator message always appears. I already mentioned it here, but nothing has been done about it.

  2. 7 hours ago, BugSir006 said:

    You mean you copied the folder "User Data" from 1305 then pasted it 1400? Do you have the browser account? This issue happened under the guest account?

    The "username and password" are your browser account info? Or website account info?

    Yes. I copied that folder under my own account. I don't use guest account.

    Username and passowrd are my browser info.

  3. The problem occurred when installing beta version 1400 (portable) over version 1305. The following occurred:

    1. I always use the portable x64 versions on Windows 7 x64 on 2 computers (A, B) at home and a third computer (C) at work with Windows 10 x64.

    2. On computer A, I installed version 1400 (over the previous 1305). Maxthon stopped remembering automatic login and asked for username and password. After 3 seconds, it closed automatically. I proceeded to manually copy an older date backup of the bookmarks onto the BOOKMARKS file and it worked. Maxthon started successfully.

    3. The same thing happened on computer B. I installed version 1400 (over 1305) and maxthon asked for username and password. Once opened, it closed automatically after 3 seconds. I then proceeded to manually copy all the files from computer A to computer B (deleting all of the above). Maxthon started normally, but had lost the passwords stored in Passkeeper.

    4. I went back to computer A and found that I had also lost the Passkeeper passwords.

    5. I manually recovered the Passkeeper passwords from an earlier date on computer B and then noticed that computer A had successfully synchronized and recovered the passwords automatically.

    6. Computer C with Windows 10 is still with version 1305 and does not synchronize bookmarks and has not lost Passkeeper passwords, but I have not dared to install version 1400 on it because this computer is from work and is very far from those of the home.

    7. I have observed that computers A and B (with version 1400) now correctly synchronize the bookmarks with each other, but do not take into account what was added on computer C (version 1305).

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