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  1. I feel find some rule of this issue. Ody~ could you help me take a screenshot of cakebox, hanjie and dropbox's site icons on web tabs and history in Edge? and their site icons in history in Maxthon. Thanks a lot. I tried and it also happen on my computer. I will transfer to test team to confirm.
  2. Hello, mings1~ I had tried to open http://www.hulu.com/ The website can be open well on my computer, but I didn't login it. When the error happen on your computer? When you open this website? or After you login and play a video? and what's your computer system? Thanks for your cooperation and looking forward to your reply~
  3. Yep, there is no "merge" function in this new page... we can use "quote" or paste the topic's link in the future. In new page, we hope every problem is independent relatively. This will be convenient to bug tracking/management and users' search.
  4. Thanks your quote of the fixed information link, ody~
  5. - Bug fixes: When switch to a new webpage, Resource Sniffer’s previous history did not clear automatically. Compatibility problem on some websites. In Default Application Setting Page, Maxthon’s name display error.
  6. oh, yes. actually, it can't be deleted, if only one unitled note in default category. I will ask technical staff to confirm this is a bug or not. Thank you, ody~ If it's not a bug. I will add it on suggestion list. fine, confirmed. The design is it...I will add it on suggestion list. Thanks your feedback.
  7. Mine is Win10, too... why I can run it... I will find a Win8 and have a test again.
  8. not a bug. a design change. Thanks for kind suggestion. I will transfer this proposal to design team.
  9. I see. maybe the cache is full. Try clear it follow the below picture, please.
  10. no sorry. This's our pleasure. whatever solve problems, introduce features and discuss the features which users hope to add on. Some features will come back in MX5. After a few days, I will receive the accurate information and post on forum. Other features, which won't come back when MX5 release, also will back later. That all because of the suggestion from forum~
  11. you can't delete an untitled note? I can delete. Could you give me a screenshot? maybe some problems here.
  12. Do you remember the activity of "English Name Collecting of Cartoon Character of MX 5" on Mother's Day? The final name we decided is "Max" ! Do you love it? Did you vote for it? This name was suggested by our loyalty user "-ody-" ! Maxthon respect user's proposal and choice. This's only a beginning. ❤ Because the MX5's Prelaunch will start soon. We decided publish the activity result earlier. The result of 2 polls on Facebook and Community was shown below:
  13. I think This should be the different issue. ody, do you use proxy?
  14. can delete note in default category. I also will transfer this hope and suggestion to design team~
  15. The split mode will come back in MX5. Now, developer tool works well, but only in Ultra Mode. Snap(Ctrl+F1) and Find in Page work good. what's your computer system and browser version? For Magic Fill problem, could you provide a specific web link with this problem?
  16. Hello, Golfmann. I transferred those information to test team...but they need a Netflix account. They can't create one because no foreign credit card... If you're willing, could you PM me your Netflix account. If it's inconvenient, it's ok. I understand.
  17. Thanks for your quick PM. I received your PM. I will be trying to solve it ASAP.
  18. How the CakeBox tab looks like on your computer? could you give me a screenshot? Does its tab look like the below picture?
  19. Dr.Roxana. Tester need more details. Could you tell us the Android phone model and your Maxthon version please? Thanks for cooperation and looking forward to your reply~
  20. Hello, Burn. "Find in Page" function only search words in current webpage. what's kind of hang? nothing happen or given some notification?
  21. Hi, TheOriginal. Could you PM me your UID, please? and I can have a check the account status to confirm the issue. Thanks and looking forward to your pm.
  22. The first category is default category. It can't be deleted forever. Its initial name called "default category", but it also can be renamed. Since the second category, all other categories can be deleted freely.