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  1. I hope I can confirm YES after discussing with the product manager... Some problems and bugs have been kept record, and the product manager will decide whether to release an updated version considering all other aspects.
  2. Hey Golfmann, so I devide all problems in this topic into three: 1. Youtube: The browser does not support video playback. 2. Youtube: Quality is missing. (especially for HD1080p) 3. Netflix, hulu... As Anna mentioned above, we have applied Netflix and hulu account and have been doing test to solve all related problems. So please be patient to the third problem. Have the first two problems been solved now? because I didn't encounter the first one, and the second problem only appear to certain vedios, I have to ask the feedback from your side.
  3. Hi Ben, Sorry for late reply...which may cause you much inconvenience... Follow these instructions for seamless browsing: Sign in into your Maxthon Passport account to share things you find on the web Select the media element you wish to download. *It can be a link/tab/video/picture/text Right click and select ‘Cloud Push’ Select the destination device connected to you Maxthon Passport or type in a mobile number or e-mail address Press OK and away it goes *If you share the content with one of your Maxthon Passport devices, you will get a notification to let you know you received it. *If you prefer to download without track, you can change your general settings to ‘do not upload any download files to cloud‘ Hope it could be workable for you!
  4. Hi hadpants, other users also report similar problem as you, and we have submit that to our engineers to test, and shall update you shortly. Besides, it will help us if you could private message us your UID and e-mail.
  5. Hi dusabrive, has your problem been solved? Now which version are suffering from such situation? Please feel free to update to us so that we can test from our side and solve it as soon as possible.
  6. Hi Lazykot, it has been a long time not hearing from you. We hope your problem has been solved, so now we may need to close this topic temporarily, and if you meet any other question in future, please feel free to open another new post here!
  7. Hi Eleyan, hope this problem has been solved now. Since it's a long time not hearing from your side. We may need to close this topic temporarily, and if you have any other question in future, please feel free to open a new post. Besides, MX5 beta has been released and welcome you to download and try it!
  8. Which version are you using now? and could you send the detailed url so that I can test from my side?
  9. Hi, sorry for the inconvenience. Could you tell whether this problem appeared from the first time you start this version browser, or just from these days on? How long has it lasted? If you want to a recommendation, actually V4.4.8.1000 is the most stable version according to the feedback from users. You can try that, and here is a link for you to install the previous version, which is more stable and ease to use: Installer version: http://dl.maxthon.com/mx4/mx4.4.8.1000.exe MD5: 45ecc1dc82c0db74b08f0b2a6087a6f2 Portable version: http://dl.maxthon.com/mx4/maxthon_portable_4.4.8.1000.7z MD5:7f22066d263ef71348df4d4c0ef55d1 Besides, if you have problem or suggestion on MX5 beta, please also feel free to say out in related discussion. We will be glad to hear your voice to improve our product!
  10. Yes there are also other users who reported this problem. Do you mean for some video on YouTube, you may face a "Qulity is missing..."? I test some and do encouter from my side. We have reported that to our engineers and hope it could be solved soon!
  11. Hi vlvlvl, sorry for the inconvenience to you:( Do you mean you meet this problem only these days? It didn't occur previously when you use same version? Could you remember whether there's any other changes during this period? what's your operation system?
  12. Hi raptormoonx, have you solved this problem yet? GIF works smoothly in same version Maxthon in my computer, so I guess as 7twenty mentioned, it may be caused by your e-mail. Now we will close this topic temporarily and if you still have same situation in other websites, please open another topic at any time.
  13. Actually I also have to say that MX V4.9.3.1000 is reported many problems and not as stable as V4.4.8.1000...Past few days our engineers are busy with fixing bugs of MX5 beta, and I hope problems of MX4 will be solved soon in next week. I'll keep you guys updated!
  14. Hi there, have your problem been solved now? Please give a feedback so that we can decide whether to close this topic. PS: I didn't receive the UID and e-mail in private message center.
  15. Hi SueKrueger 13, I think this problem has been solved now. I test on same version today and didn't meet this situation. Photos could be uploaded smoothly. So we close this topic temporarily and if you have other question in future, please feel free to open another one again!
  16. Hi dear user, hope your problem has been solved since it's a long time not hearing from you. If you have any other question happening after we close this topic, please feel free to open another one at any time
  17. Hi ToothFaerie, I test from my side just now, and this bug has been fixed now. My version is was reported as with many bugs...), and after opening https://www.rt.com/news/357113-us-warship-harassed-iran/ I could see the conversation board. Hope it's same situation for you! And now we will close this topic and if you have any other problem in future, please feel free to open another post at any time!
  18. I'm glad to know that MX5 has improved this experience for you.:) For any other problem, please feel free to open new topic to us again, but don't forget that you need to post MX5's question to MX5 discussion.
  19. Hi there, since it's a long time not hearing from your side, and we also couldn't duplicate from our side, so now we may need to close this problem temporarily, and if you are still bothered by this problem, please feel free to open a new topic in this discussion.
  20. Hi EddyFicio, have you solved your problem now? Regarding to Netflix, as far as I know, Maxthon browser really has many problems currently and now we have registered an account on Netflix and will test and solve related problems soon. If you have any update, you can also suggest us by opening another topic.
  21. Hi Trettio, since it's a long time not hearing from you. Hope your problem has been solved and now we may need to close this topic temporarily, and if you still need help, you can open another new post.
  22. Hi there, has this problem been solved now? We do test from our side but there seems no similar situation. We may need to close this topic at present, and if your trouble remains, you can open a new topic. Besides, you can try our latest version browser of MX5:http://www.maxthon.com/beta/ And any comment from your side will be highly appreciated!
  23. Maxthon is so lucky to have great fans like you guys! Yes sometimes there will be some misunderstanding on Maxthon from different sides, and we need to check and identify whethere it's true
  24. Sorry for the inconvenience and sorry more about the delaying...There may be too many mails from all around the world everyday thus leading to this situation. But given that you have been familiar with our forum, personally I think forum is more effective and quicker way to get access to help, so next time you can come here first PS: is the most stable version, and hope you have installed it well.