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  1. Hi there, @15577952@Sherry This Facebook auto reloading problem has been fixed in our new version of v4.9.4.1100. Please download it by yourself from following link: http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/release-notes/ Any other question, please feel free to contact us again. ;D
  2. Hi ioosis, Today we have released the new version of MX4, v4.9.4.1100beta, and Facebook problem was fixed in this version. You can download it from this link: http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/release-notes/ Besides, since we suppose that the Fav. manager problem is also related with FB issue, it will be helpful if you could try your Fav. manager in this new version, too. We hope this Fav. manager issue could also be fixed together. Awaiting your feedback.
  3. It's really interesting reason ;D Besides, the FB comment problem has been fixed in v4.4 now. All FB issues are all big issues
  4. MX4 has released new update v4.9.4.1000 but it was not pushed. You can download it from this link: You can try this new version, and see whether there's any improvement. Install version http://dl.maxthon.com/mx4/mx4.9.4.1000.exe MD5: ffbe74775bbe87dae0c5c2dfa9a708b0 Portable version http://dl.maxthon.com/mx4/maxthon_portable_4.9.4.1000.7z MD5: cd550d2418bdc6b8ccb3d30c201c1204
  5. Hi Hansie, It's really anonying problem. Does it happen every time when you use Maxthon? Since it couldn't be duplicated here, we may need more information from you to identify the cause. Could you please send a video of the whole screen when this problem encounter? Besides, it will be helpful if you could tell what other programs are on when this problem appears. Thanks for your patience and understanding.
  6. Hi Gary, We all noticed your other threads, but as I mentioned before, this kind of importing may cause some errors. But as you wish, I think your mentioned folders may be in following path as attached. For your information.
  7. It's our fault not making this function more apparent...As I mentioned above, After you login with your Maxthon account, click Menu>Settings>Tools>Import Users Data, and then choose the target source browser. You will have your data in new portable version. But only saving these related folders doesn't make sure they could still work without problem in new browser.
  8. Have you read this thread? http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/bug-tracker/general-support/adobe-flash-and-maxthon-r99/
  9. Thank you for your reply Shlomo, let me give feedbacks one by one: 1. ESET issue has been raised by other users before, which is caused by the User Experience Improvement Program of Maxthon, which you could get more information from Menu>Settings>Advanced>Others. After checking it, Maxthon could collect some of the user experience data to improve our product for you, but the default of this option is UNCHECKED, so you should not be worried about it. But ESET has a more sensitive notification system so it recognize all about UEIP as a danger. You can see from your screenshot that all dangerous files that were reported were all about UEIP. We will improve this in futuer versions, and make sure that it will not be "misunderstood" by any anti-virus software. 2. Regarding to the comment issue on forum. I once also duplicated your problem before, but it may not be only related with browser itself. I once tried to swift the User Agent to Chrome, and then come back to unchecked, too, everything is normal. You can try that, too, and give feedback here. 3. How about the crash problem of saving pictures? Did it happen again after the two solutions above?
  10. Thank you very much for the crash report. I shall transfer it to the devs for analysis. Also thank you for your trust in Maxthon, which is the best reward for us Regarding to MX5, since many feature of this version is more about information management, which is more personal. That's why it will be better if you have an account instead of guest mode. For example, if MX5 is your personal information assistant, you also want it be customized to only yourself, right?
  11. Hi Sherry, Sorry for that inconvenience. We have taken urgent measures to fix this bug, and the update version is under internal test currently, and will be released to public soon. Please stay tuned. Sorry again for the inconvenience...:( You're always welcome, and it is we that should thank you for your patience and understanding.
  12. You'd better not use "copy+paste" action to do data importing, it may lead to some irrevocable error on your data. Why not use the User Data Import feature?
  13. It's ok, does it work when you did the first operation of rename? In my computer, this file is on following path: C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Maxthon3\Users\guest Since we could duplicate it, it will be complex to identify the cause. Did this problem happen every time when you use v4.9.4.1000? First don't worry dear Shlomo, Maxthon will never ruin our fame by including a virus file in our software. Don't worry. Could you tell the name of the file that was reported as virus? Win32/Maxthon.A is a name of a file or folder? or it's only a path. Since my PC is of Win64bit, I didn't get a folder or file named "Maxthon.A" here. So it will be helpful if you could find out this file and give a screenshot to us. Thank you very much!
  14. Does Fav. problem happen when you don't have Facebook page on? have you ever try that? Besides, since crash happen again, could you help sending the crash report to us for analysis? The way to get MaxthonCrashData is as above. Yes I think so, too. It's really an important bug which need to be fixed urgently because FB is such a popular platform nowadays. Really thank you for your support and patience. It's really helpful for us.
  15. Is what you mean same with following thread? He has an video attached. http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/bug-tracker/general-support/auto-reload-facebook-picture-r236/ It's really sad story, but anyway we need to solve it. Let me check another detail with you, did all these problems (crashing when close a tab, freeze on Fav. manager) happen only when you have one or more Facebook page on? If so, we may suppose that MX4 encounter problem when Facebook was open, and given the problem has happened, what other operation you do after that will meet difficulties. Besides, what's your operation for Fav. manager? only click open, and it will be slow or freeze? or only when you edit it, it encounter problems?
  16. Thank you for your patience. I test with my computer and could duplicate here for certain pictures(it doesn't happen for all but do appear), too. It's really anonying... Please stay touched. I have asked the devs to check, and after studying it has been confirmed a bug of this version. I will update the development of fixing shortly. Really really sorry for the inconvenience to you.
  17. Yes because the new version is only public released on forum, official website, and FB, but the product team hasn't pushed notification for that. Thank you
  18. I have to say, you really help me find out a good answer to other users As to 4.4 update, since the core and main frame of that is really too old, the product team may prefer releasing a 4.9 version, which has all features of 4.4, so this 4.9 version is also something like kind of update version 4.4. How about this idea?
  19. over 15000...seems that you are really an old Maxer and have great trust on us I'll let the devs know about this. Maybe they should pay more attention to the optimization again. helpful information, I shall transfer to them together I'm a bit of confused about this. What do you mean by this? You couldn't open thread in this forum? is it only on this forum or for all other sites?
  20. Hi wchris, do you mean when you try to import data through Menu>Tools>Import User Data and clicking Maxthon 4.x, you get a notification saying that your file was corrupt? Am I right?
  21. I didn't duplicate this problem with same version. Can you give a .gif picture or video for reference?
  22. Ok, anyway, it's a good news that the new version has stopped part of problems. Regarding to the favourite manager, could you tell how many bookmarks you save in your favourite managers? your computer information? whether virtual memory or any system disk has been full? Is there any problem like freezing when you use other features of Maxthon? any problem when you use other browsers? Hope it's not a burden for you, but since we couldn't duplicate this problem when we do test(actually we have optimized this feature and before we lauched it previously, our test once tried more than 5k bookmarks and move, but there's no problem at all), this is the only way to identify the cause.
  23. Hi Shlomo, The devs gave feedback after studying your crash report. Suggestions are as follows: 1. You can press "Win + R" keyboard > run "%appdata%" and press "Enter" > find the folder named "maxthon3", and rename this folder to any other name. 2. Search out a file named "snap_screen.config" in your computer, and delete it. After these two operation, kindly test with same version and give a feedback here if it is convenient for you
  24. Good! Then how about we close this topic temporarily? if you have any other issue in future, please feel free to post another new thread.
  25. I think it may be v4.4.8.1000 or v4.4.8.2000, because we also received similar feedbacks from other channels. Comments issue has been confirmed as a bug in these versions, but everything goes well with all later version. So my suggestion is that you can try update your browser version to the latest one, which is v4.9.4.1000 Install version http://dl.maxthon.com/mx4/mx4.9.4.1000.exe MD5: ffbe74775bbe87dae0c5c2dfa9a708b0 Portable version http://dl.maxthon.com/mx4/maxthon_portable_4.9.4.1000.7z MD5: cd550d2418bdc6b8ccb3d30c201c120