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Bug Comments posted by BugMiss006

  1. Hi, Roxana. This problem is already confirmed as a bug in We will fix it ASAP.

    But I don't know it also in 2000. Are you willing to give us more information about this to improve the browser?

    If you are willing, please tell me your mobile phone model and Android system version.

    Moreover, enter "mx://info" in address pannel, and youcan see a screen with red words. Please also send me a screenshot to me for those red words.

    Thanks a lot. Looking forward to your reply~

  2. Original Replier:7twenty


    On 2016/4/6 at 7:35 AM, Vocoder said:

    id prefer it if a new tab wasn't opened every time I click a favorited link.

    Main Menu > Tab bar > Uncheck "Open a new tab from Favourites"

    On 2016/4/6 at 7:35 AM, Vocoder said:

    id like to change it so that when I click the home button it doesn't open a new tab.

    That's been requested many times. No indication if it will ever be added. 

  3. Original Replier:SnowLeopard


    Fpr Google, since they went to a two-page login scheme, I have TWO Magic Fill entries fofr Google.  One saves the UserName the other saves the password.  They do work together whenever I log onto Google.

    I hope I'm understanding and addressing the right problem for you.  The MagicFill entries are not cookies.  That's why I'm adding this comment.

    One further thought, when you have typed the user name right click on the username field and save your eentry to MagicFill  which should appear as one of the entries in the context menu.  Then on the next screen do the same after you've entered your password.  And, if you later change your password, repeat the procedss to save the change.

  4. Until now, we have not yet provide the "auto-suggests to translate"  feature like Chromium. I am so sorry for this. I already transfered your suggestion to our product department. Thanks you help us to improve our browser.

    For manual traslation, we just tried it. The google traslation have some problem now. you could select baidu traslation. It can work well.^-^

  5. Original Replier:SnowLeopard


    The problem is in EasyList rules.  I have removed EasyList and added Wilser's Super Quick List subscription located here http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/topic/15747-adblock-plus-super-quick-list-subscription/&do=findComment&comment=85505

    With this adblock list the page workw normally autoomatically adding more as I scroll.

    I don't know what rule causes the problem.,  But with SQList I don't worry about it