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  1. This because the website has no default site icon. Usually, browsers catch the site icon automatically from website information. However, if some websites have no site icon in itself website information, browsers can't get it. You will see all places, where need site icon, have no site icon display for this website. This also happen in tab site icon display.
  2. I just tested it. it works well now...please download the newest version and have a try: http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/release-notes/
  3. Does it can't play in Ultra Mode? If so, this's a confirmed bug of twitter's video, we will fix it ASAP. But Netflix problem hadn't confirmed. Could you give me a screenshot of Netflix problem please? and your computer system version and Maxthon browser version. Thanks a lot and looking forward to your feedback.
  4. Hello, lostinohio. Could provide a error screenshot of Windows please? Looking forward to your reply.
  5. Hello, blinderson. I tested it. I can delete Custom Category, only Default Category can't be deleted. Could you help me to verify only can't delete some Category or all Categories can't be deleted on your computer? Thanks for kind cooperation and looking forward to your reply.
  6. Got it. This's the detecting result from "Clean Master" on Android. We will test later and figure out the reason~ Thanks feedback.
  7. sorry, looked wrong. I changed it back. I tested it. I can delete Custom Category, only Default Category can't be deleted. Could you help me to verify only can't delete some Category or all Categories can't be deleted on your computer? Thanks for kind cooperation~
  8. Hi, Dr. Roxana. Sorry...Could you tell me how to get this screenshot, please? What's operation? Big thanks and looking forward to your feedback.
  9. Does the "poor performance" mean ? I think this because the website has no site icon. Same situation in History and Favorites. I also tried in Chrome, it looks same.
  10. It has been confirmed as a bug, we will fix it ASAP. Thanks your feedback~ I have tried, it can display well in Retro Mode. Before it is fixed, I think could run it in Retro Mode.
  11. Original Creator:ddn2003 There are components missing on Cineplex.com when I load it in Maxthon v4.9.3.200 And in Chrome v50.0.2661.102 m Pretty please fix this!
  12. This problem has been confirmed as a bug. We will fix it ASAP. Thanks for feedback and support.
  13. This problem has been confirmed as a bug. I already sent this issue to our technical staff. They will find the root and solve it ASAP. Thanks for feedback.
  14. Original Creator:cphx It is happenening on few websites, now cant remember all of them - but for example here http://www.iihf.com/competition/547/statistics/ It does not hightlight every word I am looking for which is quite annoying http://i.imgur.com/UHdpjco.png
  15. I report it to development team. They're trying to fix it. If I know they fixed it, I will notice you ASAP. Big thanks for feedback.
  16. Original Creator:Steven Hi, 1. I have connected a 24 inch external monitor to my notebook and so i have two displays (built-in and extended). Maxthon cant seem to display properly on my 2nd display (24 inch monitor). When maximized it, it is either "just maximized and freezed on my 2nd display" or "disappeared". There is not problem when i do the same to other application,eg MS word, notepad, etc. on 2nd display. 2. With only one monitor (no external monitor connected), when maxthon is in maximized screen, some time when i press maximize button, it may disappeared instead of restore un-maximized window. Once it is happened, I will not able to see the maxthon windows and i have to restart maxthon. I have to manually set my un-maxmized windows for the maxthon before I can works again (passing maximized button to get the un-maximized window).
  17. Hi, Sue. This function only save recent 7 days history now... because it's only in beta, I will improve it in the future~
  18. Hi, Roxana. This problem is already confirmed as a bug in We will fix it ASAP. But I don't know it also in 2000. Are you willing to give us more information about this to improve the browser? If you are willing, please tell me your mobile phone model and Android system version. Moreover, enter "mx://info" in address pannel, and youcan see a screen with red words. Please also send me a screenshot to me for those red words. Thanks a lot. Looking forward to your reply~
  19. Original Creator:Dr.Roxana I install Maxthon it stops automatically if click on settings button on start menu The result is same for so i uninstall and reinstall 4.4.2 kitkat
  20. Original Replier:7twenty Main Menu > Tab bar > Uncheck "Open a new tab from Favourites" That's been requested many times. No indication if it will ever be added.
  21. Original Creator:Vocoder I just started using the maxthon browser and there is one thing I'm wanting to change about it and i'm not sure how. It's the tab system, id like to change it so that when I click the home button it doesn't open a new tab. also id prefer it if a new tab wasn't opened every time I click a favorited link. Is any of this possible and if so how do I go about doing it?
  22. Original Creator:AndroidDeveloperLB https://design.google.com/devices/ tested on MX PC version
  23. sorry, the "connect to phone" function is not available in Belgium temporarily...... already sent this requirement to design team, hope it will be added later. Thanks for your feedback~
  24. Original Creator:Furling Hello guys, i came there cause i've got an issue in the account settings. i've just heard about the Maxthon browser, i create my account and then i can't secure my account with my phone number. I'm Belgian from Belgium (of course ^^) but there isn't Belgium location choice when i want to connect my phone so i can't put myself the beginning to my country +32. I'm just block with this ^^