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  1. On 2/20/2017 at 2:57 PM, Ices_Eyes said:

    Spent lot of time translating mx, but my name too is not on that list. I do not know where they take that list, but... Nevermind, it's not something to cry to :)

    Hi Ices, 

    I added your name to the list now. Please forgive me this time:(

    This list is made from a screenshot of Crowdin translators offered by my colleague who is in charge of Crowdin at that time, but as you know, there are many translators for each project, and we don't have an editable list for all translators. That's why there are some missings.

    So now, I have an idea that maybe we could collect a sheet for all translators for Maxthon. With this sheet, we could know clearly who are translators for certain project. For this language, if other projects are lacking in translators, we could contact the translators for help. 

    What do you think about that? Let me know.


  2. On 2/19/2017 at 3:19 PM, Dr.Roxana said:

    I thought i am not because my name was not at above list

    Hi Roxana,

    Your name has been listed now. I'm sorry for the mistake.

    But of course I know you are our translator on Crowdin, and if I didn't remember wrong, you are translating at least two languages?


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  3. Hi all, 

    I know most of you guys are our translators on Crowdin, though you are shy to say your name out on above thread ;D

    Currently, we have some small advertising stuff to be translated from English to Portuguese and Russian. Since it's urgent and not very long, we don't want to bother all volunteers on Crowdin. If you happen to see this thread, happen to be a Portuguese or Russian translators, happen to have time now, hope you can reply me in this thread, and I will PM you the stuff for translation.

    Thank you in advance my dear Maxers! :top:



  4. As we mentioned in the sub-forum description, we have many good partners who helped us do translation and proofreading works for Maxthon browser. Here we give a short list to show our sincere gratefulness.

    Thanks to jvdeportugal, Venkatesh, VoltERRa, Ldfa, Roxana, Ices_Eyes, Aftabuzzaman Ullah, Ivo Miguel Barroso, Whiteshark, Vadim, Carmen Nielsen, Konieckropka, Gela Mekoshkishvili, Kasimir Freiberg, caldii, Burak Yavuz, tomdevastor, Bruno Rocha, Nguyen Duy Trung, 7twenty, Sid Lo, attila.varhegyi.3, Vladimir K, zajez, Shucka, henriqueaac, bogdan nicolae, lijunjie, muntealb, picimako, jiapwan0622, thanhtai2009, BN_01, odyssee, 6c6c6, furkanavshar, Wisely Shih, muradvardzelyan, Arturas Valneris, zffman, Rajat Sharma, BernieMX, LuCash, HoNooD, shali1995, Jomic, pika10singh, Ernest44, Gagiu Florin, zork, nicotine, telspan, dima.dm.9, Nikita, iVideo Downloader, Thomas, pycckoe, Monica Moura, 1tucatkupac, xesusmosquera, elgalepin, makocamakica, Rancher, Carlos Gomes, Wilser, ThE OmY, sarunasnet, GwazanAlre, Eduardo Addad de Oliveira, 10ours, Markyhennon, Michel Cognon, Angelo Timmoneri, exeupx, AlexandreAndrejow, parles, rchk, ricouz, Zykloned, balonmi1, daisuke osada, Magd Almuntaser, Roman Shishkin, hassanfarsi73, Kardelia Derin, michael.shalom.3, Xabier Aramendi, Cryssy Missy, ALeXkRU, Koncz_Laszlo, guskovoleg, R3gi, marius.baesu, rajan.subramanian.372, abdullah al-jaser, Zlosin, 469377116, mujaheed, Michal Jaskiewicz, ermoha90...Without you guys, we could never have made it this far.

    Above is only the UID or nickname for our translator and proofreader on Crowdin, but if your name is missed by occasion, please feel free to tell me at any time. We will feel glad to correct that.

    We totally agree that every effort should be memorized!

    Hope to see your name on this list soon.


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  5. Dear Maxer,

    We appreciate your excellent suggestion and feedback to Maxthon these years, and now we think you could also shape Maxthon products by helping Maxthon speak your languages!

    Maxthon is a product widely used all over the world, and now we sincerely invite you to be our official translator!


    What’s the requirement for Maxthon translators:

    - Native level of understanding for target language

    - Solid understanding the English language (source language)

    - Reliable, responsible and resourceful


    What will you gain as a Maxthon translator?

    - Your name will be mentioned publicly in our official website as honorable partner of Maxthon.

    - You have authorship for your language version and your name will also be shown when this language version is chose.

    - You will meet many like-minded friends, or other fans of Maxthon from same country with you.

    - Being a part of the language developer team can be a very rewarding experience.

    - The translation work you do will help not only yourself, but also all users who speak same language with you.


    How to become a Maxthon translator?

    - Visit and sign up on our translation platform Crowdin (https://crowdin.com/);

    - PM me your name, E-mail, country and language which you are willing to translate, and then I will send you our translation project invitation link on Crowdin within three week days.


    Have you been ready to be a Maxthon translator?


    For any question, please feel free to contact me.

  6. Hello, everyone,

    MX5's Pre-Register Campaign Started !

    Let's talk about how to register.

    Today, at the first time of starting your Maxthon Browser, you can see a pop-up window, as similar as below:

    Click "Pre-registration page for MX5" button to go to the MX5's Pre-Register Campaign Interface.



    If you closed pop-up window incautiously, don't worry. You can go to Pre-Register Webpage by the following steps:

    Firstly, you need to go to our official website http://www.maxthon.com/, then you can see a tag of "Pre-register" on the top right corner. 


    Click this tag, you will see the MX5 Pre-Register Campaign Interface.


    Click the "Pre-register" button or scroll down, the Register Area will display.



    How to register?


    Very Important Tip: If you already have a Maxthon Passport in MX4, please use your email of your old Maxthon Passport to register. This will be convenient to sync data to your MX5 VIP account from your old Maxthon Passport.



    Input your email and comments, then click "Pre-Register" button to register. (shown in the below picture)




    Where is my submitted comments?


    All submitted comments from all people register in this campaign will display in the right box. We will select some comments to reply on Facebook, please have a check by click "check your reply on Facebook" button.




    Watch Video


    You also can click the "watch video" button to watch the Campaign Video.




    Are you ready to join us?


    Do you get your MX5's VIP?



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    Do you remember the activity of "English Name Collecting of Cartoon Character of MX 5" on Mother's Day?

    The final name we decided is "Max" !

    Do you love it?

    Did you vote for it?

    This name was suggested by our loyalty user "-ody-" !

    Maxthon respect user's proposal and choice.

    This's only a beginning. 



    Because the MX5's Prelaunch will start soon.

    We decided publish the activity result earlier.

    The result of 2 polls on Facebook and Community was shown below:

                                                                                Facebook Poll.jpg


                                                                                Community Poll.jpg

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  8. 15 hours ago, 7twenty said:

    "Currently" meaning since the past week or two? As that's how long it seems to have been going on for?
    Why wasn't there a notification about this?
    How long till international users can access the english site to upload extensions?
    Why isn't the site based on the same backend and localised for different languages?

    Hopefully this "downtime" means something is happening to fix/update the extensions site. Surely needs some TLC!

    Actually most people both can login maxthon.cn and maxthon.com. We will check why he can't login maxthon.com

  9. 11 hours ago, 16554937 said:

    I managed to login to extension.maxthon.cn.  Since I can't read most of the site, it's hard to tell, but I think I've found the spot where I can upload a new version.  However, it's not working.  After I select the file, nothing happens.

    Worse yet, it appears to have blown away the old version on the site, so the extension isn't installable right now.

    Is there a size limit?  The new file (12606KB) is bigger than the old file (10421KB).

    And the size limit is under 20M

  10. 11 hours ago, 16554937 said:

    I managed to login to extension.maxthon.cn.  Since I can't read most of the site, it's hard to tell, but I think I've found the spot where I can upload a new version.  However, it's not working.  After I select the file, nothing happens.

    Worse yet, it appears to have blown away the old version on the site, so the extension isn't installable right now.

    Is there a size limit?  The new file (12606KB) is bigger than the old file (10421KB).

    Would you please tell me your Maxthon account ?

  11. Hey VoltERRa:

       I've checked the project of 4.9 and I found there are around 8 translators in that project in terms of German, maybe some other translators have made some changes on the files.

       Could you tell me your Crowdin account name? So I could send you a PM on Crowdin, and then you can share these issues with me.

       And if you'd like, I could also set you as the proofreader of the project, so you could adjust these tranlastions :) 

       Thanks a lot for your hard working and feedback VoltERRa!

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