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  1. Hi @BugSir006, I can replicate it every time. I switch any YouTube video to full screen, wait a few seconds until the nav bar should dissapear, and and the "click to exit full screen" moves from the top of the screen to the middle. I turned off all Maxthon tools and Add-ons. It happens on my 32:10 aspect ration screen, it does not on my 16:9 screen, so this might have something to do with it.. Is there any way i could fully reset the settings, maybe the issue will go away? I would love to use Maxthon as my daily driver, i love the functionality but i've had issues in the past with Youtube videos not going upto 60fps, or looking choppy, or other issues like this message. It would be great if my feedback helps fix this issues.
  2. Hi, Whenever i watch a full screen video on YouTube, after a few seconds, the message "Click to exit full screen" goes to the middle of the screen, a bit to the top right. Is there any way the position of this message can be changed? Also site zooms are all over the place, I've gotten initial zooms of 300%, which makes no sense, but this is manageable. Link to example from Google Photos.