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  1. magg replied at 2015-1-21 12:33 back.gif

    Try portable Maxthon version

    Also wi ...

    I uninstall flash and maxthon too, and reinstall both.

    After that in facebook 2 video started ( I was hoping that everything works.), but after that the usual problem, only black popup screen of all video.

    In the portable version too!

    I cant insert image, because when i push the choose file button nothing happens.

  2. magg replied at 2015-1-21 12:26 back.gif

    Also no problem here.

    I suggest you to perform clean Maxthon installation.

    But first you can try t ...

    On my another Pc, I uninstall, and made a new Install. First I try with no passport, but the result is the same.

    I try an older verion of flash, i try the newest, I think I try everything:(