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Bug Comments posted by frankmorris

  1. Yes. I tried many experiments, but still: the file MagicFill2.dat (with the version 4) becomes big and bigger, when I add data, and I can't delete or edit.

    Plus, I can't sync it.

    By the way...I'm not able to find the version 5's backup. Is it still in this main folder?

    I would like to move it away from desktop.

  2. UPDATE:

    Hi guys,

    Maxthon 5 works fine and it's very fast. I'll use it, uninstalling the 4.

    Should I do anything before this process, to not risk to erase something important?
    What if I use this portable version on my laptop? Is there a real difference with the standard version, or it's just the fact that I can use it with my USB memory stick?

  3. Done.

    It seems working...
    I mean, the Maxthon 5 detected the 4 and asked me if I wanted to import.
    I did it with guest mode, so now I have a long list of all my accounts, and there's not a real page to edit.
    I can edit and delete immediately, so I deleted a pair of "random" data that I invented when I was desperate.
    Tomorrow I'll try better and let you know.

    Now I'd like to discover the orgin of my issue. The only thing that I can see is that my MagicFill2.dat is updated everytime I use Maxthon (normal and portable)...or at least changes the date of modify (the access is always at Jan 2016)...I'll show you a screenshot.
    By the way, thank you in advance to you all three...hope to not disturb you again...:1f61b:

    Senza nome20161121040905.png

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  4. Thank you for your reply.

    I don't think the problem is your cloud.
    I had nothing saved on that, before this issue. When BugMiss006 suggested me to try it, I did, and realized that I'm able to sync ONLY NEW DATA (created after my post).

    All my old data are still on my disk, but invisible, or better...uneditable (invisible on edit page),

    but I can see them all, on the principal list (when I click the "yellow key button").

    Now, I'll try to install the portable version.

    Thank you again :)

    PS: obviusly, I can add new data to my old list, but I can't delete anything because not editable, so my Magic Fill list became big and bigger.
    PS2: question: could it be caused by some disk cleaner?

  5. I think the situation is exacly the opposite of your description: I'm sure everything is good LOCALLY, but for some reason I can't synchronize. Infact I can log-in everywhere, ONLY if I stay logged-out from my Maxthon account.

    When I surf using the Maxthon Passport, and I push "Alt+Q" to have an automatic access on other websites, nothing appears...no ID, no passwords.

    So I'm very scared to use "remove all local data" option during the uninstall procedure. I risk to lose all my data.

  6. I don't know exactly the mechanism.

    I had not used sync function until you requested me to do it.

    So, after I did that, I found on my account what you see in the last screen. I checked if it was possible to add new data with guest mode, and the test was positive. The thing that I don't get, is why I can't see and edit anything.

    Do you think I should install Maxthon 5?

    Are there any specific folders that I have to save before to uninstall my version?

  7. On 8/11/2016 at 6:55 AM, BugMiss006 said:

    Hi frankmorris,

    Do you mean MagicFill works well and all your saved passwords could be filled automatically, but you just couldn't see those passwords and manage them in settings? (while only could see for which sites you have saved passwords)

    Am I right?

    Exacly. :top:

    Sorry for my delay...
    I can see all my saved list, but I can't manage (edit / select / delete) that.
    The result is that I have a long list of ID's (picture #2), but I can't see passwords anymore.
    And this is true also for new passwords...I just tried to memorize new data: I can use it, but as you can see on the picture #1 everything is still empty.