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  1. Dr. Wang, have you finished doing the modifications you wanted to do for the Maxthon_Bing_dark skin? I'd like to see it, if you havel. If not or if you've moved to other projects .... OK. Thanks for the beautiful Maxthon_Bing_light skin. I have made some modifications to it. The most important of which is adding translucency to the bars.l See the following code; html, body { background: transparent; border: none; } .tabbar, .favbar, .statusbar, .sidebar { background-color: #f5f5f5d4; } Copy the code... ADD TO SKIN.CSS. With thanks to BSD (大笨狗) for the hint. >
  2. 大笨狗 replied at 2014-6-28 07:00 You are welcome. To save your time, you can add following 2 lines to skin.css Thanks, the code works but I'm going to boost the alpha for more diffusion. As it is the text is hard to read. It's just nicelyl readable at "cc". I played and have settled on "eeeeeedd" as the best approximation to my inspiration, Safari for OS X Yosemite. ;)) >
  3. 大笨狗 replied at 2014-6-28 01:21 You've already download the transluent skin that I made in the Chinese forum. Maybe you can check th ... Thanks, I had to go refresh my memory on the Chinese forum. I remembered downloading Glass.mxskin but not who the author was. Turns out it was you. I didn't like the transparency, so I did a mod t make the toolbar, sidebar, and statusbar backgrounds translucent. I does work in your skin rather well, but now I have to review what I did and try to port it into Dr. Wang's Maxthon Bing skin. that last step has been a stumbling block, maybe due to not having transparent background for the icons (something I need to check.) Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction. >
  4. 大笨狗 replied at 2014-6-27 17:49 No, setting z-index won't make toolbar/statusbar float on page content, Maxthon's page content is ... Thanks, 大笨狗, for the informstion. Saves running down a dead end. ;)) Now to a less ambitious end, what background (or other element) should I look to change to make the toolbars (navbar/tabbar, stastusbsar) translucent with more diffusion than Win7 Aero provides? I thikk I know what property to look to to deal with sidebar transparency. But the toolbars have escaped me. <>
  5. Dr.W.Wang replied at 2014-6-20 22:03 wow, so very long reply. it is a big challenge for my poor English! so pls forgive me if I compreh ... Dr. W.Wang, You mention in the referenced post that you just modified the background image for the Main Menu. I found the MENU_BG.PNG and have tried unnsuccessfully to apply it to the nav+tab toolbar in Maxthon_Bing_Light skin. I'm trying to get both the toolbar and the sidebar some transparency in their basckgrounds so that the items behind the Maxthon window show through slightly as Maxthon's window content does through the Main Menu and other. My eventual goal is to find a way to overlay the toolbar and, when visible, the status bar on top of the web page content. I'm thinking the z-numbers may help do this, but am not sure. That's one property I haven't played with. Do you have any ideas sto suggest? <>
  6. Dr. Wang, I know the pictures in your screen shots are too large to upload here, but do you have links to where the images can be downloaded, wherever your source was. Or, what are the names of the places shown? That could be useful to doing s search for images. Nothing I'cve tried has come close to anything like the ones you have. >
  7. Dr.W.Wang replied at 2014-6-21 02:08 I moved the quicktools to the statubar at first, but I find it is not good, so I hide it, I also ... When you said you hid the QuickTools on the status bar, I followed your lead and found them and unhid them. The only tool I had checked at the time was Translate, but it did not show on the status bar. Then I realized I only needed the QuickTools menu, not the icons ... so now it's just the QT popup menu and I have access to all the QTs. This menu could be on the navbar too. I added Favorites back into the nab-buttons group; I need that menu in lieu of the favbar. I tried a vertical favbar similar to what tony uses, but didn't like the rresult. As for moving the status bar items to the tabbar, I don't think so. I can live without the statusbar items since most of them are present elsewhere. As a second most favored option what I'd like to see is an autohide horizontally scrolling tabbar that does not require left/right buttons for scrolling, but usies mouse gestures to scroll the tabbar left and right. But this is a second choice because it does add a second bar, even though audohiding gets it out of the way. Also I don't know if the mouse gesture capability can do this. <<SL>>
  8. Dr.W.Wang replied at 2014-6-20 22:03 wow, so very long reply. it is a big challenge for my poor English! so pls forgive me if I compreh ... Ok, thanks for the information about the background image modification. i don't have Photoshop to use as a tool, but I do have GIMP and Graphic Converter which might help, slthough I don't know if I could get the nice translucence you have in your Man Menu background. That's what I'm trying to get in the navbar (except for the text input area of the addressbox ans the icons when active or hovered.) I have made a couple mods to your skin ... nothing major, just adding al couple items I find too useful to resist in the full, wonderful simplicity you made. I'm conflicted;, but practical considerstions have taken top priority for now. I'm looking to try moving the quicktools to the statusbar or add them to the Tools sub-mrnu so I can remove them from the navbar again. <<SL>>
  9. Reeally, really beautiful skin. I asked; you delivered. Now I have what may be a feasibility question. In the light skin, is it possible to have the navbar/tabbar be placed on top of the page content and be slightly translucent so that the page faintly, very subtly bleeds through? The effect would be most noticeable at high contrast boundaries and when the content is scrolling. But not so much translucence that it interferes with readability. I don't know if this can be done in Maxthon, so I thought I'd ask since this light version looks like a good candidate if it were possible. I've noticed the translucence in the Main menu. That's the kind of effect I'm asking about for the top navbar/tabbar/window controls. Except, I'm asking if this can overlay the content rather than be located permanently above it. There are also questions about whether, and if so what, parts of the navbar should be kept opaque.. Folllow-on question. I've been searching the skin code to find where the opacity/transparenccy/translucence of the Main Menu is set, with no luck in finding the place. My question is where did you do this (or multiple places if that was necessary.) <>
  10. loooping8 replied at 2014-5-11 22:36 Yes I like Serum Concept Alpha That's one of my less favored designs. Haven't naarrowed in on a most favored one yet. >
  11. ltGuillaume replied at 2014-5-10 04:09 It started when I redesigned the /main/tabbar/container.htm file so that the New Tab button stays wh ... I use the tabbar spacer to drive the new tab button where I wanted it in one of my skins. I recall a post here showing how to reorder the html to do it, but I can't find it or come up with the right sarch term to bring it up. There were several tutorials on making skins, but they seem to have disappearede ... didn't come up in searches including "tutorial" anyway. But I found that a search with just "ttutorial" revealed them just now. If I find the one that illustrates what to do, I'll put the link here. EDIT: Well, I sidn't find the animared post, but I did find the code in main/tabbar/container.htm: 1. Look for this section of code: -------------------------------- _________________________ 2. Move tthe code in dark red above the line to push the New Tab button to the right end of the tabbar; or leave it where it is, if you want New Yab button adjacent to the last tab in the tabbar. In my use I was pushing it to the right end. I didn't encounter any problems form doing that. I'm running with your skin at present. So far so good. Thanks for keeping it updated. >
  12. I discovered a thread on the Chinese formu containing a collection if browser interface design condcepts. Somehow I think they would just be skins if implemented., They do look nice, clean, elegant to varying degrees. Some I like; some not so much; but all seem good. Some might like to check them out ... maybe get inspired ... Link: Happy hunting ... >
  13. Great tutorial, Brother ... great to see some tutorials around here. There's another, older tutorial ... not so detailed in a thread named "Skin Update" at: I found it by accident and think it might be good to link them together. Also, readers, don't overlook the Skin SDK posted in another pinned thread in this Topic Area. I've found it to have some very educational documentation to help learn how to do skins. Keep up the good work. Many of us will apreciate it. >>SL
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    QA mod

    Muroko replied at 2013-8-29 04:49 Ok! this is a very nice mod - but I was wondering if installed and then I update Mx4 to the latest r ... The update will overwrite all files that are included in the update. So the mod would have to be re-done for each update. -- SL