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  1. That's OK for now, but I'd prefer to see the content in the new form. All that is needed is for the new form to let the authors/posters update their posts with the files where they could not be ported over. If Ody hasn't fixed it for all possible file types, Lizzie can when she returns.. Thanks for the suggestion ...I knew that option already. <<SL>>
  2. Thanks, Oky, for opening ways to update the posts with linked files to download. But there are some threads that did not get imported from the old SKI?NS forum. I'm thinking of Dr. W.. Wang's Spartan Skin for one. Can threads such as these still be imported to this section or any other section? <<SL>>
  3. Mens Magna replied at 2015-2-15 23:23 I use also ublock with Firefox, it's great! I've tried uBlock on Firefox with Wilser's Rules forr Some Populoar Sites v.1.8.8 and they seem to work just as well in it as in ABP. So if it uses lesss resources, it might be better on old hardware. But there are ssome things I like about it. The Third Party Lists has a far better listing than ABP does. I would think that ABP should willingly include any lists which they link to from their website even if not all of the lists in uBlock. I do think it would be good for someone who knows how (but not me now) would ;build an extension for Maxthon. It's not necessary to do more since ABP is now an included extension. Either one could be used as desired. I don't know if there are rule syntax differences to be concerned about. <<SL>>
  4. 9255916 replied at 2015-1-29 20:11 AdBlock Plus is very good,but it has no custom filters. I use custom filters with no problems. Maybe I don't know what you mean by "custom filters. Just bring up the ABP Edit Filters dialog. It opens in the third tab, "Create your filters," where custom filters go. You can also subscribe to filters that are not on the built-in list >
  5. Use YouTube Center. You can force Flash Player at two different levels of aggressiveness.. I use it for that and much more. >
  6. No.1MaxthonFan replied at 2015-1-24 16:43 For heavens sake, wait until it becomes available so someone can take a look at it. One screenshot ... Pay attention to the link to the RemoteIE test site where you can even now get to see it in action on websites of your choice (of course as it now exists in beta). That gives an idea of its functional characteristics not seen in a screenshot. >
  7. I don't know what that site is testing, but JavaScript is worKing fine. I have installed the JavaScript Microsoft Translator extension posted here in Extensions in another thread. It works fine in both Nitro and M4 I haven't encountered any website problems traceable to some Java problem in Nitro. > {ADDED} I tested foor Java at the link above and in OliverOne's post below. I got the same missing plugin even though the JavaScript bookmark for the Microsoft Translator bar works fine in Nitro. This seems contradictory. Oh well, it'll get sorted out some year.
  8. itsmenx replied at 2015-1-22 05:24 This is the first time to I hear from µBlock and I think it's an interesting project! I recommend t ... >> Ad-block Plus slows down Maxthon a little bit. I don't see any slowdown with ABP. But I donn't use EasyList or Maxthon List; I'm using Wilser's custom list for popular sites posted here in Extensions. >
  9. If you want a different Speed Dial page to be default, the only way to do that is put the Quick Access panels you want to see there on Page 1. You cannot change which Quick Access page opens in a New Tab (at present). I've done precisely this, so I do get the default QA that I want. You can too. >
  10. 7twenty replied at 2015-1-17 14:55 In .600 the only options to add a new list would be as described above or copy/paste the list into ... Yes I've noted that, but unfortunately the option "Add your own filter" does not result in a successful download of a subscription list. My test case was TinyList from'>>. And I always get "Download Failed." Editing the pattern.ini file and adding: url='> title=TinyList homepage= at the end of patterns.ini text did add a functioning list. >
  11. Oliver One replied at 2014-12-30 10:09 You must edit a file patterns.ini in a folder %APPDATA%\Maxthon3\Users\GUEST or YOUR ACCOUNT\AdBlo ... @OliverOne I've found that the paste locaation you identify does not work. But if you past this in at the end of patterns.ini it does as described in this thread BTW, thjs is the case for >
  12. @GHosTiK: wonder if I am undeerstanding what you suggesst? When I see "custom rules" I think of rules place in the "Create your rrules" of the AdBlocker Pluse Options dialog. I have installed rules there (lWilser's International List from the forum here and some of the YouTube blocking list also posted here) and they are working with no problems. I had also sub scribed to EasyList and MaxthonList, but following Wilserl's directions disabled them to be sure his list worked unhindered. With that background, are you suggesting that subscriptions be added by editing patterns.ini instead of using the Ad Blocker Plus Options dialog? I have not found any problems using the dialog to set up working filters. So why edit the file instead of using the dialog? The "Filter Lists" of the dialog has provisions for selecting filter lists to add, both the defaults EasyList and its relatives in other languages and Maxthon List plus other lists all I presume have to be subscription lists so that updates are received when they occur. Nevertheless, the information is useful to know. I'm just asking for some clarification. >
  13. Ohke replied at 2015-1-9 11:01 My Nitro is faster than Mx 4.?? Look see and test here... I ran my own tests on a Win7 Ennterprise w/ SP1, 64-bit, 3.9GB memory installed. I also conv erted your results and mine to percentage of the corresponding Nitro result, since it's supposed to be faster. Your results as perceentaages: PK: 2201/2240 = 98.3% FP: 10441/11380 = 91.7% Yes, Nitro comes out ahead, but the PPK difference is irrelevant, less than 100 points (2.5% at 4000) My results were different. I tested with the Flash player installed by default in each browser and using 16.0.0.x which is currrently installed in my machine. For the Flash Benchmark, Mx4 was slower but not very significantly so. Flash (M4) = 17229 (v -- 98% Flash (M4) = 16964 (v -- 96% Flash (Nitro)=17540 (v Flash (Nitro)= 17638 (v For Peacekeeper Mx4 was faster than Nitro, but again not by much. PK (M4)= 4105 (v -- 105% PK (M4)= 3993 (v -- 102% PK (Nit)= 3925 (v PK (Nit)= 3919 (v In short, Nitro has a long way to go to deliver on its "speed" hype. In some aspects it's like lightning; in others you can make dinner waiting (a 'slight' exageration, but still true). I'm hoping for improvement. > PS: Thanks for the links, particularly the Flash one.
  14. Sanjeev replied at 2015-1-4 08:12 I don't know chinese... Write your post in English; then translate to Chinese; and post both language versions. The built--in Translate tool will do it with Google Translate. The translation won't be perfect, but may be good enough to get an answering post. > EXAMPLE: 用英文寫您的文章;然後轉化為中國人;和後兩者的語言版本。內置 - 在翻譯工具,將做到這一點與谷歌翻譯。翻譯不會是完美的,但可能不夠好,得到應答後。 > PS: Beware it doesn't tranlate the Chinese back to English ... I had to fennagle a bit to keep the Chinese. Note this is Chinese (Traditional), not Chinese (Simplified). Simplified puts the Chinese into English letters.
  15. No.1MaxthonFan replied at 2014-11-27 13:49 Do you have your side bar pinned to the desktop? If you do, unpin it and then delete the extension. Another poswssibility is Syncing with the cloud. If you installed the extension while logged into Passport then either quit the browser or loged out of Passport, I would expect the extension was synced up to the cloud. Now every time you connect to Passport that undesired exxtension re-ssyyncs down to your Maxthon. The problem si how to delete something that has been synced? I'm not certain when sync happens, but I think the cloud syncs down to your Maxthon Cloud Browsser when you log into Passportl and when you log out or quit Maxthon, the browser sysnc its data at that time up to Passport. I have taken to breaking thes flows by disabling certain sync operations at the right point so that the "last synced" state is the one you want (jminus the undesired extension.) I have used this to stabilize my Bookmarks on a single generally unchanedd set. I keep the Bookmark syscing disabled except when I do a clean install or otherwise toss the UserData. If I were to add a bookmark, I'd enable the sync for bookmarks, >
  16. Silat2824508 replied at 2014-11-8 16:15 I do not see how to restart from the pinned icon. Can you explain further? I don't "restart", I re-launch. Whenever I do this I still have the history of my last place3 r in the case of videos, they seem to pickup where I was. Since I only use a few vidoe sites, this behaviour may not occur with other sites. I do now understand what you mean by "restart", but I would rather relaunch to take out the garbage left by a page crash or page freeze. >
  17. I know of no meaanss provided by Maaxthon other than the pinned sidebar available inn the installer version. But Windowss itself, at least Windows 7, offers a wsay. Launch Maxthon from its folder. Then right-click on its TaskBar icon and select "Pin to Taskbar". Thaat will keep the Maxthon icon in the taskbar. I don't recll seeing anything like this in WinXP and do not know about Win8. I would expect Win8 to ha ve somethinig similar, but with Microsoft you never know ... logioc, consistency, or intuitiveness have not been their strenbgth >
  18. 15731837 replied at 2014-10-10 15:12 Great... except for I can't read any of the tutorials as this is the message I get: (Note: The tur ... Sorry those posts have been deleted. But the MX3/4 Skin SDK mentioned by 7twenty in is the basic starting point. The missing posts were tightly focused descriptions of applying the SDK to achieve certain specific goals in a skin. I hadn't followed the links in my search results and didn't discover their absence.a >
  19. loooping8 replied at 2014-10-8 23:45 Before there was some Tutorials but they are gone ... The tutorials are still in place on the forum. Do a search of the forum using "tutorial" as your keyword. You'll get a list of tutorials including the Masthon Master Tutorial Post at>. This will give more than just skin tutorials, but there are quite a fewskin tutorials including the one 7twenty mentions, which I found very helpful. >
  20. SnowLeopard replied at 2014-8-11 00:18 Adding referesh (and favorites) buttons is easy. They arein the skin code but just hidden. I've ... @B_S_D_: Any progress on the Darki Bing skin? I'd like to see what you've done with it. I've really gotten a lot of use out of the Maxthon_Bing__light skin and variations. >
  21. Imanerd replied at 2014-8-23 02:43 Honestly, I'm not sure, there. Anyway, I'm only on here for a few days until I go back to the uni ... Ah well, good to see you when time permits. Have a good year ... >
  22. Imanerd replied at 2014-8-22 11:25 Not sure, what's your order? The odd thing has been that it's more than picky at times, it will w ... Thanks for the explanations. It's lgood to find you back on the boards. Now to answer your question. I'n MxNitro, I can only use the UA it provides: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) MxNitro/ Chrome/35.0.1849.0 Safari/537.36 Peacekeeper identifies it a Chrome/35.0.1849.0. In M4, I used two UAs: (1) Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Windows NT 6.3; WOW64; IA64; en) AppleWebKit/599.0+ (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/38.0.2066.0 Maxthon/ QupZilla/1.6.6 and (2) Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Windows NT 6.3; WOW64; IA64; en) AppleWebKit/599.0+ (KHTML, like Gecko) Maxthon/ Chrome/38.0.2066.0 QupZilla/1.6.6 Peacekeeper identifies both as Maxthon/ (or 1500). Here's aa screen shot of sine if ny ttest resulltss 9575 UA #1 was used in the tests labled A and B in the image; Ua #2 was used in test C. But as you see alll the tests were ideentified as Maxthon/* And my UAs are basically your last posted version with Chrome and Maxthon in switched places. I thought I saw a logical explanation, but further thought left me not so sure. I thinnk the Nitro result is explained by MxNitro not being recognized at all so it falls through to Chrome. But the M4 result leavesme puzzzled how Peacekeeper is identifying Maxthon when it comes after Chrome. NOTE: I have never logged into Peacekeeper to "lock" my results. So don't expect to find my resuylts on the site. But Maxthon4 sesems to preserve the results separately ... if I'm connected in the same way as the previoous tesst But the reulsts do not get preserved among different installations of the browser. >
  23. Imanerd replied at 2014-8-17 09:02 Qupzilla is another webkit browser. I added it in my original. Dev chromium because version number ... Thanks for the explanation. I ddi discover one counterpoint today though. I ran a Peacekeeper test with MxNitro and the site told me I was using Chrome /35.0.1849.0 even though it was in second place after McNitro and beffore Safari. This suggests to me that the order doesn't count much, only the presence of a recognized browser. Thoughts? >
  24. Imanerd replied at 2014-8-16 16:41 Opera uses chromium, which makes using both opera and chrome UA strings unnecessary. Also OS version ... Question for my information: Why is there "QupZilla/1.6.6" in the string? I've never heard of such a browser ... but I'm not surprised by that. My question is does it ever make a difference? EDIT: Nevermind ... I found my answer in Wikipedia and Sourceforge ... at least the "What is it?" part. However I still wonder if it ever makes a difference? Particularly in light of the point made above about putting Chrome first so the browser would be identified as Chrome, not Maxthon ... If this is the case, why bother with a string containing more than one browser if the first one is the only one that counts? >
  25. Zadrym replied at 2014-8-10 14:46 Where is the refresh button ? I can't find it, and there is blank space between tabs and close, mini ... Adding referesh (and favorites) buttons is easy. They arein the skin code but just hidden. I've restored thm in my verrsion and added back the Quicktools Configure button only. I don't want to waste toolbar/tabbar space by enabling any of the QTs, but they are all easily accessible from the configure menu. >