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  1. Why not post and pin the 'skin file' in this board so all interested can try their hand? Just wondering what's the holdup? <<SL>>
  2. Hello NaxthonJeff and a happy new year.

    I have been wondering two things about *.mx5skins:

    1) Isn't it time to post the mx5skin SDK tutorial in the public Skin Forum here, so that others can make use of it?


    2) How about finishing the skin maker so that mods can be made to both UIMain.dat and UIHuge.dat (and even page.dat for some skin makers)?  I'd be OK with just UIMain/UIHuge mods, since I've not ventured into page.dat mods, though I have used some in Mx4 days.

    That's it for now.  I really hope to see complete mx5skin support finished.

    Have a good day,


  3. Hi MaxthonFan,

    I've been wondering if it's not time to post the *.mx5skin tool kit and tutorial in the public Skin Forum?  Are further developments in the works ?

    I know some skin makers (e.g., Yoyoako) in yhe Chinese Forum have made some, but I don't see any tutorial updates other than a title change and a replacement tutorial on that forum.

    Unfortunately, I've not been able to successfully log onto their new 3/4-part authetification scheme; I can't pass the captcha step. 

    Let me know what you think, please.

    Thanks for any feedback.

    Have a happy New Year.


    1. No.1MaxthonFan


      I don't know it it is really worth it.  Remember the one guy we had doing skins? He got so bombed out by people just keeping asking for small changes to his skins and then insulting him when they didn't get what they wanted and Maxthon changing everything so that all his efforts didn't work anymore. I guess if the instructions were a little bit easier, more people could do their own skins but people now-a-days want just a couple of clicks to change things and since that isn't going to happen they get tired of asking.

      If the skin makers over in the Chinese forum would post their skins here so that we could just download and install that would be fantastic, but I don't think they will.  We can ask the Bugs and see what they say.

  4. @Subgoku: Any chanceyou might update this to 5.2.5.x/5.2.6.x? <<SL>>
  5. There was a new option added in MainMenu>Settings>Advanced>Web Page Display called Page Font Size. The default is "Medium but theree's a problem with recognition of this setting initially, so pages display ultra-tiny (fonts and images). You can correct it by changing "Medium" from that to another setting and back to Medium. Easier is to click "Set to Default" button. I think this is good for a Mx5 session, but may need repeating each time you launch until a fix is made - inconvenient to be sure. <<SL>>
  6. Perhaps you missed the update in settings adding font size oreference in MainMenu>settings>Advanced>Fonts. It is in the Change Log. I did recall that when I ran into extremely tiny fonts on Clicking "Reset to Default" clears the problem and it has been permanent since then. <<SL>>
  7. YouTube Center is discontiued and no longer works with YT's new interface. <<SL>>
  8. Re: Normal? Yes it has always been possible that the skin might fail on a later version due to changes and new features. You're using, bit the skin is for I don't know whether such changes occured between these versions. If you didn't backup or rename UIMain.dat and UIHuge.dat and if you used it) the start folder im Maxthon (or Maxthon_Portable\bin\, then you'll have to re-install (or re-unzip) to recover those files and folder. If you have backups, just replace those files from your backups. <<SL>>
  9. SnowLeopard


    I am puzzled by Adguard adblocker extension ... specifically how does one ad a custom filter subscription. There is a substantial listing of variations of EasyList and of other specialized list, but I cannot find and where to ad a subscription other than the ones listed. There is provision to add custom rules one by one. Surely there must be a way to add whole lists by subscription. Any help? <<SL>>
  10. If I read Zork correctly, Arowana skin is Snapper adapted for MX5 with lessons learned from Snapper. @Zork, did I read you correctly? It's not identical of course because MX4 * MX4 are different. I like it but I want tabs under the navbar & favbar. But I can do that trivial change. <<SL>>
  11. Yes, seeing that the title makes sense. Is the extension on the extension center? I thought the OPer had forgotten a link (I overlooked extension center then). It's like Lights Out on steroids <<SL>>
  12. Extention or skin??? I don't know which ... and the title doesn't seem proper; there's no "blackout" on YT, only on Maxthon . <<SL>>
  13. Maybe (untested) the max tab width parameter skin.ini is overriding the constant. Try changing both.but don't forget the skin.ini parameter has two values (without and with padding). BTW, I left you a PM about how you got Firefox to be one bar (tab+nav bar.. Since then I found the Mozilla Labs "OneLine" addon, but decided not to try it since it's identified by them as experimental, opens up FF and its data, and one comment about how to revert. Not my cup of tea for now. Is this what you're using? <<SL>>
  14. Change this in constants.css in UIMain: Tabs */ @const TAB_MAX_WIDTH: 184dip; One shot does it all. BTW that width is 1.92 inches on a PC regardless of screen size.resolution. For me it may too big. But determine how wide you want the tabs in inches and multiply by 96 to get width in dip. <<SL>>
  15. I think the settings in skin.ini may be outer bounds for tabs. The actual settings for the tabbar are in UImain/main/tabbar/index.css and for the tabs themselves in UImain/main/tabbar/container.css. The constants used are in constants.css or skin_c_dark.css. You can ignore the latter two files and just insert you color choices in container.css or tabbar/index.css directly. Hope this gets you started ... <<SL>>
  16. I sympathize (no "empathize") with you. I've wanted a return of the way *.mxskin files could be loaded in Mx4/ I made some mods to suit my desires. But my inclination was to reduce the heights of the tabbar and navbar and the widths of the tabs ... sometimes as little as 3/4' (72 dip compared to the 232px they have by defaault). I've been told that making it so that *.mxskin (full skin not theme) can be loaded. But a new core is higher priority at present. After that the devs may work on implementing skin loading. I hope they follow through on their discussions. We shall see. <<SL>>
  17. @Wilser: I've run into a problem with the new UserBar, or rather returning FROM it. I am running Mx on Win7 Enterprise 64-bit. I just re-downloaded the skin today, just in case. Displaying the Userbar is normal. But when I return from it to what should be my QA, I see solid brown (using the built-in brown theme, 3rd skin on the second row of the Skin Center): However if I take a screenshot it shows the QA not the obscuring background. There is one more fact - this does NOT happen on an actual web page such as this message page I'm on. It seems it may be focused on the QA page. I've not explored other actual pages yet. REFRESH does not clear it; RELOAD LAST PAGE takes me to a different tab without the problem. Quiting and re-launching Mx5 brings things back to normal. For someone who doesn't use the Userbar, not a problem; for ones who do, a big inconvenience. First operational glitch I've encountered in your skins. <<SL>>
  18. May I suggest replacing the favorites heart icon with the star icon of the current builds, except with the bolder lines yolur icons have. BTW, I've had no problems porting your changes into the 5.x.x builds. Porting is really trivial; it took a bit longer to work out some changes. I'll be watching for your 5.1.xx version. Have you tried re-enabling the Over/Under buttons in Skin Center? The code is still there, but I'm not sure whether or not main.solid has been updated. <<SL>>
  19. Strange Tony, it has almost never happened to me. i think I remember 3 occasions. Otherwise, no popup. I guess I'd "turned it off" by how I use MX. Do you have saved passwords? ... use autofill? <<SL>> s
  20. Make svg icons. They scale to any size. I know this can be easier said than done; I've tried with kuttke syccess ,,, cyrved kubes are really hard to get right for me. But, I just lack the skills ... and I'll live with it. You may have success developing the skills. <<SL>>
  21. Hi BugSir006, 

    Since you mentioned the pending version with the core update, I wonder which core version will the update be?  We are at v58 in Chrome with 59 coming in May and .60 in June.  I 0pe to hear that Mx5 will be close to those versions.

    Thanks for any info.


  22. I have to apologize for misleading on the sizing. I forgot to include the units. The size is 20dipx20dip, dip not px. That doesn't invalidate anything you said, <<SL>> t invalidate
  23. In my teesting, the siize is 20 x 20 on the toolbar (navbar). The icons on the tabs a rre 16 x 16. I haven''t checked the statusbar, but I recall then were also 15 x 16. I just checked; while the icon size is specified 20x20, the png size is 16x16. If they were converted to svg icons I wouldn't expect any bluring. <<SLl>>
  24. I have the same question - or equivalent. How do we make *.mxskin files that will override the contents of certain htm and css files packaged in UIMain.dat or UIHuge.dat? I know that MX5 will now loas *.mxskin files but just loading another background image is NOT a skin, not a real, full skin. I want an answer to my question and think it woukd be good to update the SDK with MX5 instructions. I have seen an mxskin file that loads a background image included in the file along with a congig.ini file like the one associated with the Skin Center files in MX5 and n UserData. That give clues to how a config.ini file is structured. But full skins for Mx3/4 have a xkin3.ini file. How is the MX5 equivalent file to be structured?? Plase give some help to skin makers so we can stop munging the default files in MX5. <<SL>>