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  1. New version of my skin for Maxthon Browser support latest version

    Please use windows explorer to copy and replace this two files in folder location c:\Program Files (x86)\Maxthon5\Bin\

    UIHuge.dat UIMain.dat



     - removed some usless things from menu

     - simple address box

     - access to menu from user picture (small arrow)

     - favourites button in right side

     - some other small changes




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  2. How about like this:

    Hidden all time, hover on left hidden, popup only left arrow (1 arrow not 2 icons), hover on right popup right arrow (same here 1 not 2 icons).

    Should be simply i think.

    And this code: .free-spacer {display: none;}

    When i have it, double click is dissabled and scroll is ON when i remove it, double click is working but scroll is not working. Can i have double click and scrolling and the same time?

  3. almost like that

    You have: mouse hover "TAB BAR" 2 icons shows (left and right), mouse click 2 icons shows (left and right)

    I want: hidden all time, mouse hover on hidden/blank icon force to shows first icon (left or right), mouse click second icon shows (left or right)

    can u do that please?

    some kind of picture animation, when i click scrolls the page and shows the scroll button like "rewind/forward songs"

    the same like close,max,min icon only here i have close showing all time, but when i remove picture, button is there but hidden, then i hover mouse icon popup and click icon active popup

  4. help got serious problem, i copy your skin and index file from skin4 to have tabsscroll but

    in skin.css this line:

    .free-spacer { display: none;}

    when i have it, double click is dissabled and scroll is ON

    when i remove it, double click is working but scroll is not working

    how to modifi this line or skin.css from your skin4 to have double click and scroll (both)

    and this skin, mod from yours, can you look at it? please i only put custom pictures but:

    1. this scrollbar i hide opacity 0.0 but now its not working, can i have it just hidden to eyes but not hidden to Maxthon

    2. tab_right_active and tab_right_hover are mirrored? why?

    and last if its hard or not possible then i remove this whole scrolling

    i only wanted simple hover mouse, custom icon show, click, tabs moves, move mouse back and icon hide,

    but when i try change it i somehow thing is not possible is that true?

    h-ScrollTabs mod.mxskin

  5. i remove scrollbar from index.htm (i dont like it)

    but now i got something wrong, pages not get smaller like in orginal mahxton just hide in right side

    can i somehow block it and make show this number page like in orginal

    my code i use:


    overflow-x: hidden-scroll;}

    .tab {

    width: max-intrinsic !important;

    max-width: 500 !important;

    assigned!: self.start-timer(200); }

    .tab-container .text {

    max-width: max-intrinsic;}


  6. i try edit quick-access\css\style.css in page.dat file, cant put in in center try resize pictures try change value in ".dial .dial .inner .dial .thumb etc" and not work

    that i want find help in this post

    in "dial" i change everything and no luck

    anywhere else i dont know, in that file there is too many values to change to find proper one

    this is what i only get