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  1. Tiamarth replied at 2015-1-26 13:32 Thanks, I'm familiar with YouTube Center, and have used it before. There are two reasons I did not c ... Maybe this will satisfy you http://extension.maxthon.com/detail/index.php?view_id=2535
  2. PapaCarlo replied at 2015-1-22 03:12 а как заюзать этот скрипт, не подскажете?11500 11500 Скрипт как и остальные подключаем через Violentmonkey http://extension.maxthon.com/detail/index.php?view_id=1680&category_id= - просто перетащить мышкой в окно Макстона и нажать кнопку установить в верхнем правом углу. Но я советую не скрипт, а QTranslate - это небольшая (если убрать лишние локализации - меньше 1Мб) портативная программа-переводчик, использующая онлайн сервисы перевода от Гугла, Яндекса и еще нескольких компаний. Кроме того в ней есть виртуальная клавиатура и возможность менять раскладку уже набранного текста. Копируешь ее папку в свой профиль Макстона, настраиваешь поведение и горячие клавиши, добавляешь во внешних инструментах автозапуск и автозавершение вместе с браузером и пользующийся как обычным расширением 11499
  3. Good news, guys! Version is almost as fast as Moreover, the filter menu in the ABP now is more comfortable, as it was in the ad-hunter.
  4. both sites are working fine for me (v4.4.3.3000). Try to open them with a portable version of Maxthon. Try to turn off the GPU hardware acceleration.
  5. Расширение для RadioTunes (бывшее интернет радио SKY.FM ). Если мешает кнопка feedback на сайте, добавьте в блокировщик это правило: www.radiotunes.com##A RadioTunes.mxaddon RadioTunes toolbar.mxaddon
  6. Zirrexmusic replied at 2015-1-12 13:26 Хорошо бы иметь расширение для перевода выделенного с ... Расширений со всплывающим переводом нет. Юзай Qtranslate или этот скрипт Google Translator Plus.user.js.zip
  7. Hola also is there in the format of a separate application. http://hola.org/download Or alternatively you can use the proxy : http://antizapret.prostovpn.org/proxy.pac http://clientconfig.immunicity.org/pacs/all.pac http://vulticulus.ignorelist.com/proxy.pac
  8. Поиск по сайту в Google для панели инструментов. Немного переработанное это расширение http://extension.maxthon.com/detail/index.php?view_id=430 Поиск по сайту Google.mxaddon
  9. Расширения от одного браузера обычно не подходят для других браузеров, если они не являются клонами с незначительными изменениями в интерфейсе (типа Хрома и новой Оперы). Для Макстона не подходят никакие расширения от других браузеров вообще. Нужно искать аналог среди сделанных специально для него, делать расширение самому или обходится тем что есть. Иными словами, если раскрасить Жигули под Феррари, то от этого запчасти к двигателю подходить все равно не будут.
  10. Ты пытаешься поставить расширение для Фаерфокс на Макстон, маскируясь под него с помощью смены юзер-агента? Я правильно понял?
  11. Works fine for me . Before use, you need to allow access for the site to the microphone.
  12. Your appeal to the Maxthon developers is useless, IMHO. Much more serious errors are not corrected for many versions. There are still white elements in a dark skin in the new QA and it seems to be forever. Perhaps something will be corrected in the MX5... or not. If you consider this very annoying, you have to make your own skin or edit files ui.dat and qa.dat (as I did). Or move on to another more user-friendly browser, as some users already done.
  13. Bookmarks open in a new tab too, even if the option is not selected
  14. Make about:last your home page or add to quick access, that way you can always go back to it
  15. Sorry, did not notice in the subject header that you have a version for Mac :$:L
  16. What browser version are you using? I have not found these menu items. Can you make a couple of screenshots ? Stylish lets you apply your styles to sites, but does not work on the Quick Access.
  17. SWFlash0 replied at 2014-12-31 05:44 Want to know my opinion on this? 1. There shouldn't had been support for CSS in the AdHunter in the ... I think everyone would be happy if only the Adblock Plus is made ​​in the form of extension. But now it acts as a replacement for the built-in blocker, while worse in its convenience and functionality. I'm using Adblock Plus for other browsers , so it can be compared and the comparison is not in favor of this. Furthermore, the performance fell in three! times in this version, so it does hardly move like a pregnant turtle.
  18. Unfortunately extensions like Stylish do not work in Quick Access. To edit the Quick Access you need to take the file in UserData\Public\QuickAccess\Frame/qa.dat and unpack it with MxPacker ( download it here http://forum.maxthon.com/thread-801-1-1.html). Make changes in qa\css\style.css. Then you need to pack back qa folder using MxPacker and change the extension from .mxaddon to .dat. As far as I know , there is no documentation on the Quick Access modifications, so you'll have to experiment. After replacing the standard qa.dat make the file read-only, or Maxthon after rebooting can replace it with a standard file.
  19. http://forum.maxthon.com/forum-66-1.html русификатор качай отсюда http://forum.ru-board.com/topic.cgi?forum=5&bm=1&topic=47121&glp
  20. Dev CZ replied at 2014-12-30 05:16 Plugin already exists -> Stylish for Maxthon: http://extension.maxthon.com/detail/index.php?view_id= ... Stylish designed for other purposes. It is not suitable to quick and easy block any element on the page. Rules such as ## div.banner-top does not work in it. Also I noticed that the new version is much slower than Now the opportunity to sync my content filters is gone (hopefully temporarily). Maxton has become less cloudy than it was before .
  21. I agree that the Adblock is now much inferior in functionality AD-hunter and it's versions on other browsers. It would be better to make it as a separate extension, not replace the AD-hunter. If you make the extension, post it in this thread please, because it can be rejected for unknown reasons.
  22. gexxy replied at 2014-12-28 14:37 it happens with portable version too !!!! closing maxthon solve all the problems!!! I am writing f ... Was there such a problem before? It might be better to go back to one of the previous versions.
  23. gexxy replied at 2014-12-28 12:11 what? can you explain? I use maxthon installed in my pc.. Download portable version http://dl.maxthon.com/mx4/maxthon_portable_4.4.3.4000.7z Use it for a while with the guest account without logging into your profile. If the error no longer appears, log into your profile and sync everything except settings. Use a portable version as the main browser.