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  1. Latest version offered there is 3300, installed, no change in behavior. So, for good measure, I've completely uninstalled MX6 and then manually deleted C:\Program Files\Maxthon folder since all the files were still there. Then did a clean 3300 install (as administrator to C:\Program Files\Maxthon), since I don't want it to be installed in my user profile. Then the behavior is the same, it only runs when executed with admin privileges. Obviously, when MX6 is installed this way, the installer doesn't grant the user (or the local Users) group the write permissions and since the user data is located there and expected to be writeable, it doesn't work unless you run it as admin or modify the permissions by hand. Would it be possible to modify the installer to add appropriate permissions when it's installed in %programfiles%? Or separate the user data folder from the installation, which would also make sense when the would be installed in a multiuser environment, such as remote desktop servers - as admin, I'd expect the installation to go to %programfiles% and each user would have his/her user data in the user profile.
  2. It's a permission issue. I've updated to (latest on the official website, not sure where to get 3200). The behavior was the same. - installer does nothing when not started with admin priviliges ('run as administrator'), it just exits after clicking install - when running installer with admin priviliges, it installs correctly, but can only be started as admin ('run as administrator') - which makes sense, becase the local Users group doesn't have write permissions to the installation folder (C:\Program Files\Maxthon) and the folder contains user data - if I add explicit Write permissions to the above folder for my user account, I can start Maxthon as normal user again I'm fairly sure this isn't how Maxthon should behave - users shouldn't be required to manually modify permissions in app install folder.
  3. Some time ago, I've upgraded from MX5 to MX6 and since then I have the following issues: - MX6 will only start when it's started automatically at the end of the installation process - if I then close it or restart computer or whatever, MX6 won't start again - nothing happens, no process is spawned (confirmed in task manager) - the only way to get it started again is to run the installation process again and let it run from there - next issue is that with MX6, it doesn't work as default browser - I can select it in the default browser configuration in Windows, but then it does nothing, for example when I click an URL, nothing happens (even if MX6 is already running - see above problem). If I change default browser to different one (like Chrome), it works fine What I've tried: - uninstalling & reinstalling MX6 - uninstalling MX5 Environment: MX6, Windows 10 fully updated Maybe this has something to do with the previous MX5 installation? Is there some cleaner app that would get rid of all remains?