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  1. HI This night I let my computer runninngwith maxthon opened and doing nothing. No download, no web page opened unless the default one (qa with name (no image, no preview). Maxthon is set to use the proxy for IE which is set to go to zscaler tower (proxy with windows login authencation) This morning I took a look at the zscaler logs and saw 2 things : Maxthon was downloading qa.dat every 3s during that night till 3:17pm today (meaning 1.7GB of downloaded data) and my traffic is seen as "obfuscated" My first question : Why qa.dat is being downloaded so ofently ? it is not supposed to no ? I could understand that it is uploaded to the cloud for backup reason The second one will touchy to troubleshoot from my side : why is this traffic obfuscated while it is supposed to be tag with with my username Someone else have seen those behaviors ? edit : here is the url taht was repeated every three second quickaccess-dl.maxthon.com/quickaccess_template/frame/108/qa.dat?_sm_byp=iVVVSQRSS6P057VM