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  1. 20 minutes ago, Mhzayer said:

    then it might be due to a specific os or version or user data

    I never had this bug too

    what os version are you using installed or portable?

    I think there is smth wrong with scaling.

    I use W11x64, Mx installed. Maxthon's window maximized:image.png.a98ffe496b1d4bead442c65b70c947a4.png Maxthon's window restored: image.png.29f94d8ecde77646ef94f36c03dd356b.png

    Display resolution 2560x1440, scale 125%.

    And the icon is blurred on both screenshots.

    It's not a big problem, sure.

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  2. On 9/30/2022 at 4:57 PM, 30312516 said:

    type edge://apps in edge, chrome://apps in chrome.

    Ah, ok. I suspected something like that. I don't use these apps.

    P.S. I remembered. I used Youtube and Outlook. They should be in Start Menu under "Maxthon apps" folder. May be different behavior if you use portable version.

  3. 29 minutes ago, shiganami said:

    i registered a few weeks ago and recieved VIP3 (on both my main and alt account)

    but i did not recieve any mail

    i tried re-entering today and now it told me i gotten vip1



    the same happened to me. I wrote above 

  4. lol

    yesterday I was a VIP3 68-th member,  now I'm VIP1 and 20774th :)
    "fixed" :)

    yes, I tried yesterday several times, and always it was the same number. yes, e-mail was the same every time.

    but today I received the e-mail immidietely.

  5. 14 minutes ago, No.1MaxthonFan said:

    If you had an old Passport email address, then use that one and if it is still a valid email address, you will receive the email.

    this is how it should be. but it is not. there are a few persons on the forum (including me) who didn't receive a word.