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  1. I wish I took a screenshot. It was a green Maxthon popup advertising to save passwords in passport or something to that effect. On my 24" screen, the messages was like 2" x 1" and it appeared just above the task bar on the right. (My OS is Windows 7 pro... not windows xp)
  2. magg replied at 2014-12-20 08:58 Try to disable this option in Maxthon settings Thanks, Magg, but I already had it unchecked.
  3. Wow. Fast response! But this has been already unchecked. Is there anything in the install directory I can rename?
  4. How do I disable the Maxthon Pop Up Notifications that appear in the lower right? I'm running V4.4.3.4000. Thanks! I really do wish the search feature in the forum searched all words instead of just thread titles.