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  1. Hi there, would you like to add your BSV address to your personal profile? I will give you Vpoints. 😊

    How to fill address: 


    1. AleksOD


      Thank you for letting me know, and thanks for appreciating my posts. I have set up my payment address (I think?).

      For now, I am almost completely oblivious to the whole Blockchain tech. Hopefully, Maxthon can help me change the attitude.

  2. I actually have already manually set it as my default browser via Windows 10 settings, yet this is still happening. I also cannot find the "set as default" setting in MX6...
  3. When I launch MX6 for the first time after the browser restart, the typical Windows 10 security prompt appears asking to allow or deny MX6 making changes to my computer. I allowed the browser on my home computer, so it stopped asking, but on my work computer I keep denying it, as I do not have rights to press "Yes". This doesn't happen with other Chromium-based browsers: as far as I can remember, such prompt only showed up once during Google Chrome installation, after which it didn't appear again, even when I had pressed "No".
  4. Steps to reproduce: Have a browser profile that is not signed into Maxthon Cloud. Go to Settings -> General -> Nickname and avatar. Change the profile picture and press OK. Desired effect: the profile picture is changed. Actual effect: all browser instances crash. Experienced on: Windows 10.
  5. Maxthon Cloud page uses Flash for avatar upload, which is disabled by default on Chromium-based browsers, including MX6 (see attached screenshot). Please, update the page to use Flash-free solutions.