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  1. I have read the article, no need to quote, thank you.

    In case that Maxthon is unable to connect, I always have a Firefox as backup plan. But this is sad, I wish I could use Maxthon instead.

    The server is some kind of secure remote control panel. Ports are fixed due to port-forwarding firewall policies, also 443 port is occupied by other service.

    In Retro mode it is able to connect but some active elements are misaligned and/or non-functional.

    I will test these 'chrome' flags shortly and post the results.

  2. Hi!

    Recently I had to connect to a non-standard (non-443) port HTTPS webserver with Maxthon. It is not possible to change the inbound port on server. Upon entering: https://:, I got the following: "Error code 312 (net::ERR_UNSAFE_PORT)". A search yielded http://superuser.com/questions/188006/how-to-fix-err-unsafe-port-error-on-chrome-when-browsing-to-unsafe-ports

    Now here comes the question, if Maxthon is based on a Webkit, will this solution work for us?

    Also, I would like to have these settings configurable in-browser (as I see these console-flags a clumsy anachronism). Please consider this improvement.