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  1. Hello, i also noticed this problem a long ago. It happens in any fullscreen youtube video but is more noticable in a windowed 60 fps video. The link above is a 60fps video for example, but the same thing occurs in any other 60 fps video. Be sure to tick the resolution to at least 720p.
  2. Hello, im pretty newbie in extension/addon creations and i was trying to port an existing chrome extension. I've read the doc provided on the sdk post and modified the functions acordingly to it. But when i try to load the package onto maxthon it says it can't read it and it is probably corrupt. Does anyone want to take some quick look on it? I'll provide both chrome and the maxthon one. I also tried to omit every action call to a js file to see if it was any error from them but it gives me the same error warez.tuga.mxaddon