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  1. As for example, this one:

    As you see on the screenshot, I've previously inputed in the form field "Имя" ("Name") the strings "asdf" and "asdfasdf".

    Also I have to mark that in Mx4 this behaviour has to run some way in harmony with the function of form autofill.

    Thanx for your kind support in spite of my emotional start. Some elder bugs of Mx I can't understand why them are still in it.


  2. You don't understand me.

    I'm not talking about the saved passwords autocomplete.

    I'm talking about the dropdown list of suggestions for completion based on the history of the user input in these fields. Well, it's a standard feature of any other browser.

    You just start to type or double click on an input field and get a dropdown list of the previously inputed texts.

  3. Input string field dropdown suggestions: how many years we have to wait for it to be implemented in Mx as it is in any other adequate browser?

    Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera (even their mobile versions) has this: when I start to type or double click on a field, it has suggestions made from earlier inputed text strings.


    Mobile version of Mx offers such suggestions occasionally, but I can't get the conditions for it to run, because it does not work every time.