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  1. Hi beloved admin. Resource Sniffer is not good for me because it is sometimes wrong when I wanna download video on youtube, it gets wrong video :(( Long time ago, I see an extension named "Violentmonkey" of Maxthon, after I installed that extension, I continued install a script and then there is a download button under the caption of the video, I clicked on that and my video was downloaded, it was great. But now it doesnt exist. Can you show me the link of the script of Violentmonkey because I can not find out it? Thanks in advanced!

  2. Hi admin, please explain for me. What is this file? Maxthon sometimes asks me to download. But I dont know what it is.

    Its name: FEA5110B-C37A-4008-861D-44C2C862EB79.data_2.zip

    From this address: