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  1. Maybe it's time to start new account, after 9501 hours with this login... About aliases. When I write an alias in address bar, I always get search engine results for the keyword. I've tried turning off and on aliases, clearing Smart Address Bar options. Nothing. My aliases doesn't work. Edit: After clicking "Reset to defaults" aliases came back. I have to add them once again.
  2. The problem appeared after my few days with MX5, so I suppose, that MX5 replaced some string in config file which is synchronized via Maxthon Passport. The problem is only with my account. Instead of "New tab" with tiles, I get blank page with "mx://res/quick-access/index.htm" tittle. Another accounts works fine. I've tried V4.4.8.1000 and there's no difference. If I only knew, which file or string replace... PS.: I could replace QA tiles with aliases, but aliases also don't work for me, for years.
  3. Ctrl-t - the same as on previous screenshot mx://newtab - Page not found Error code 6 (net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND) I think that my problem started in MX5 (sometimes startpage has only search window and not tiles at all). In MX4 problem started after config sync from cloud. I guess that now I have some MX5 string in MX4 config (when loged in), something like bad link to file. Because I can see start page, tiles etc, after logout.
  4. When I start MX 4 portable unlogged , I can see start page with QA tiles. Everything is OK. Start new page, ctrl+n or open about:blank works fine. But, when I login to my Passport account, there is only blank page with the title: mx://res/quick-access/index.htm How to fix it? I returned to the MX4 because of problems with mx5beta2