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  1. works fine on some sites - not on here though
  2. 7twenty replied at 2014-11-26 04:16 Seems to be working fine here, and that's with the standard UA. The image was taken with, ... most odd - i have tested old installs and new install and it does not work - have played with the UA and it works sometimes - convinced its Maxthon but what i have no idea any more
  3. SWFlash0 replied at 2014-11-25 09:43 Looks like a User Agent issue, try to change it to IE will do - i have tried that in the past - they have changed something as it worked fine EDIT it is indeed a User agent issue - change to IE and it works - many other sites dont though so thats a no go - my point again is that it worked fine so what have they changed
  4. same panel in listings - different engine
  5. RS_Daniel replied at 2014-11-24 18:20 I'm looking for a way to to change the background color, not change it to a screenshot. may be possible in the code but the easy way would seem to be make a 20 x 20 pixel jpg of the colour you want and call that as a pic
  6. you are not going far enough into the selling process - scroll down and try to add a description
  7. might as well report it - dont think anyone else has - on the latest build line 4.4.3 parts of ebay do not display correctly - on earlier builds 4.4.2 they are fine you need an account and go the the 'sell' page to list items - when listing them the page is wrong in webkit mode - fine in trident add it to the list of bugs and forget it - maybe it will get fixed by accident but not holding my breath
  8. Quick access has always a background picture.Is it not possible to have a blank background with no picture at all? easy enough
  9. there are no tutorials - theres comments and bits and pieces from other users - the old forum had some more info - not sure if its still accessible - but thats about it - start by looking at the skin in UI.dat - you need to unpack it and start there - looking at other skisns done by users is not the right way to start for a few reasons - 1st being that a user skin file will only contain the parts that user want to modify - the rest which is not modified will be called from UI.dat so unpack the file and look at the dir titles - they indicate which part of the skin they control - then open the dir and the files in there show how that area is broken down its a learning curve - alter something and see - it will work or not - save as you go and learn
  10. it was suggested long ago that there was a section created for helpful posts where things like skin help posts could be moved for future reference and use - like most things at this place it was said to be a great idea and then nothing happened if its not social media rubbish nobody from the 'team' is interested so why should posters be bothered
  11. Tony

    Wooden Darkness

    we were promised skins for the forum - like many things they never happened - why is a good question as they have them on the chinese forum so the method above would fill that gap maybe a few comments in the text file above or a description of what each area is - for example - what font is altered by a font call would be useful to let those who want to modify it see how to do it easily
  12. Tony

    Wooden Darkness

    like that although not keen on the wood effect but i guess that can be changed or alternatives offered
  13. Tony


    would like to be able to autohide my side favourites as was possible in M2 apart from that all the other autohide things are gimmicks imo - they look a good idea until you actually use them - but as i say just my opinion - each to their own - apart from updating when the devs break things or add a feature/button or similar my skin has not altered since i did it early in M3's life - i like things where that have become familiar - pretty colours dont matter - my skin is dull grey - its there to use not look at
  14. Tony


    i think a better solution is to move the status bar to the tabbar - i see the status bar as pointless - you do all the work on the addressbar and dont have a tabbar but then keep the status bar which is still 2 bars keep the tabbar separate and add reduced locked tabs - that then gives room at the right side for what you want from the status bar - i dont have much as most from the status bar is elsewhere in my skin - further if you shorten the side bar to go under the address and tabbar you have the full width to play with
  15. i miss the point - they are pretty pictures - call them concepts if you want but no better that the requests for changes others ask for with photoshop images ok in this case the posted can and has done skins but what is he saying - these will come or here you are i can use photoshop - we can all do that
  16. MAXSHARK replied at 2014-4-26 15:16 good to hear that others like the skin too loopings likes anything especially if he can post about it and increase his points by 1
  17. leave it to you Loopings - as someone with links to 87 skins i am sure you can sort it
  18. loooping8 replied at 2014-4-23 12:51 There are only few Developer by Maxthon able to create a Skin like the one you wish 大笨狗 is on ... there are many who can do skins Loopings - thats skins not background changes - but the question is - why bother?
  19. have tried also but all i do does not help - its calling from the 'open on startup' setting so i am guessing it cannot be done unless something could be forced into the homepage box to open a locked tab
  20. anyway to force locked tabs to left on restart - there is always an open tab
  21. they are messing with graphics - going to svg files - its causing all sorts of problems - mainly wrong size icons - seems they are getting the settings wrong - at the moment i have just abandoned the new release ui.dat files and use an old one - not a good answer but it works until they sort out a few things it may also be that you have not got the new svg dir in your skin pack so you are calling nothing
  22. Tony

    Tab bottom ui.dat

    there you go - as its the alternate skin its easier as a ui.dat file
  23. Tony

    Tab bottom ui.dat

    ok - will look - not sure what the difference is to the one i posted earlier but busy with life - look later today and will hopefully have something
  24. Tony

    Tab bottom ui.dat

    which one there are 4 in there - one of mine and 3 from others
  25. Tony

    Tab bottom ui.dat

    its easier without the ui.dat file - just add it as a skin file and it should survive any/most updates download this and click on it - it should install tabs-on-bottom.mxskin