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  1. that sounds to me to be a sledgehammer to crack a nut - i fully accept that the owner of the site has every right to put in place what they want BUT the site is there for the users and users are asking for and would like to run addons - surely the ones that Maxthon feel are not appropriate can be specifically blocked - other [harmless] ones allowed its all very well creating what YOU want but if nobody visits for the reason the site is poor then your argument is self defeating the middle ground would seem a positive approach
  2. if this post survives it needs to be re written - there is no skin centre so the help is pointless as its a 'board' post i think any modification should be by staff
  3. if this post survives it needs to be re written - there is no skin centre so the help is pointless as its a 'board' post i think any modification should be by staff
  4. Tony

    Paper skin

    prefer not to - not sure what policy is - you will find it here
  5. Tony

    Paper skin

    not sure it was ever updated for latest builds but will have a search
  6. W....T....Y....A..............

  7. they are encrypted so whatever language you learn will not help - if they are old files make a copy of whats there and copy them over the newer files
  8. cpanel works for me - usual login details - go to any page and its fine - refresh any page and its fine will add - not tested all functions - just clicked trough a few pages - pressed refresh and it does not ask me to log in again - maybe we are looking at it differently but as i say i have no problems
  9. what can anyone say - thats your experience - it works for me - i cannot remember the last crash i had usual help is try a clean install how many tabs do you have open - what extensions are you running - how many favourites do you have - what is the spec of your pc other browsers may work - thats nothing to do with the problem when pointing a finger remember 3 point back at you
  10. maybe try it as most folk do with a not screwed version of windows or whatever - i have no idea what your post means - maybe the way you work is half the trouble ;P put another way - i have no problem
  11. Zugi replied at 2015-3-18 20:25 Problem of custom skins is that someone has to update them continuously. I've tried some skins but I ... dont agree with that - i have used my own skin since MX3 - yes its had to be updated along the way - but never anything major the problem that some skins have is they are a complete copy of whats in ui.dat - that can and does create problems - just having the mods you want in the skin and using most from ui.dat works better
  12. where is this red dot :o - never seen it that i can remember - that said i use my own skin - so i guess thats the answer - if you dont like it make or find a skin that you like
  13. its always been a problem getting settings to stick - alter 2 and only 1 will stick - so alter one setting at a time and close the browser after each setting change or search for the config.ini file in users ......... maxthon3 - the settings are in there - you can change it and save it - if it still reverts you can write protect it - that may or may not suit you as other things are then not updated on closing the browser
  14. Oliver One replied at 2015-3-10 14:57 Not currently! Even if you disable ABP, icon stay (simply greyed). not strictly true but it would require a skin mod
  15. i know that the minute i turn my pc on and access the internet there are risks - i dont think there are more or less with this - like i said press the off button or use another browser nothing will happen until they get back to work so you have to choose
  16. Mist001 replied at 2015-2-24 18:31 I'm pretty concerned about this. I used Paypal before I knew about this situation but since I have, ... complete rubbish imo - if you are worried about all you say then find the off button on your computer - that will solve all you are worried about
  17. No.1MaxthonFan replied at 2015-2-24 12:44 Been reported for years. Just another sign that they just don't give a damn. or have no idea how to solve it
  18. I'm wondering if they are looking at the underlined dates and think there is history there or if they are actually clicking on the dates. I know it sounds silly, but you never know. theres a leap of faith there that they actually look at the original bug report and all the follow ups ;P
  19. why is this important - its only bragging rights - it means nothing and will never result in anything other than numbers on a screen :sleepy:
  20. its a long time since i played with skins - i gave up when looopings plastered them all over without permission but try this - my skins always come with a warning that they are only quickly tested so take them as they are
  21. AdminH replied at 2015-1-13 21:01 Hi everyone, our tech team is notified of your request and is working on it! the devs have been asked for small locked tabs for years - certainly going back to MX3 - the request will be added to all the other stuff thats been asked for and forgotten happy to be proved wrong - i seriously doubt it though
  22. manyana is a Spanish word - that seems more apt :shutup:
  23. some old skins have it - not sure which these days - will see if i can find any that are downloadable - i use it but dont publish my skin
  24. it can be done - there are skins that do it - but its never been added to the standard skins