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  1. Tony


    who hid all the content .- got to LOVE this comment which is now hidden "Because this is ordinary user and this is his first skin! "
  2. what else did you expect - its as skins started on MX4 - they either will or wont add skin support - its something that does not seem important to the devs
  3. Tony

    Tabs on bottom

    i accept it as it is really - pondering is somewhat pointless as we probably will get no help from the devs - the best we can hope for is to keep trying an mxskin file in maxthon3/skins and hope one works - thats how i remember it on 4 - old skins just started working - no announcement or anything - i dont think skins as you and i understand them are on the roadmap - they just dont seem bothered if they dont add full skin support then there will be 0.dat files uploaded i guess just as there were ui.dat files for 4 - someone has decided [at the moment certainly] that the skin they supply is fine - a bit like Microsoft and Windows 10 - themes on that at the moment are hard work
  4. Tony

    Tabs on bottom

    dont know is the short answer - further dont know what 1.dat actually does - i deleted the main dir in there and my skin worked apart from a slight graphics error in the main menu - so all i actually have in main in 1.dat is a a couple of files in main menu - that solved the graphics problem will leave the above but its not correct - it was on earlier builds but your question just prompted me to try a couple of things i deleted the files i had left in the main dir in 1.dat and my skin worked fine - not tested more than a quick look and all seems good so it would seem 1.dat is not for the overlay - there are unique dirs in it other than main so they must be called up - my guess to your question is that 0.dat is the skin itself and 1.dat is the workings of it - messages - about etc
  5. Tony

    Tabs on bottom

    understand that - its the skin for 4 that you are using is the one i want you to post - that is the one that has to be ported to 4.9
  6. Tony

    Tabs on bottom

    post the skin you use now and i will have look - wont be for a while with the holidays
  7. Tony

    Tabs on bottom

    what i am saying is that skins are possible in 4.9 just as they were in the early builds or 4 - the method is the same as was used on 4 in the early days - only the devs can say if they are going to make it easier - if not then no big deal i am sure modified 0.dat files will be published
  8. Tony

    Tabs on bottom

    old skins DO work on 4.9 - they may not work in the same way as 4 but its no big deal to get them working - the clue and key to it is in 0.dat - unpack that and thats where to start
  9. i'll respond - only to say sorry i have no idea - javascript is a mystery to me - i think any that had knowledge have long since left - who in truth can blame them - it would be nice if one of the devs commented but thats asking far to much - its back to the one way street
  10. why promote something and then lock it from use - yes i know - security - that excuse wears thin - if they can be used on other sites they should be able to be used on - you need to sort the security thing out of course you never will
  11. have posted elsewhere on this and will leave the post there - i really dont understand what is being said - it sounds like tech rubbish to me - but what do i know - if the reason given sounds technical enough then most people accept the line - but bullshit is bullshit however its said - sorry thats what it sounds like to me ADD and if the tech reason does not stand scrutiny then invoke a security issue - same bullshit
  12. lets come back to noads - one of the most useful extensions for making a webpage better - blocking and changing stuff without worrying about rules - just highlight an area and the annoying content is hidden but not here - Maxthon block it - WHY? - i and others have asked that many times and the question is ignored i asked it further up this thread and got a like from Bugsir7 - thats a platitude at best and certainly an oxymoron - how can an admin like something and then neither comment or do something about it
  13. that sounds to me to be a sledgehammer to crack a nut - i fully accept that the owner of the site has every right to put in place what they want BUT the site is there for the users and users are asking for and would like to run addons - surely the ones that Maxthon feel are not appropriate can be specifically blocked - other [harmless] ones allowed its all very well creating what YOU want but if nobody visits for the reason the site is poor then your argument is self defeating the middle ground would seem a positive approach
  14. if this post survives it needs to be re written - there is no skin centre so the help is pointless as its a 'board' post i think any modification should be by staff
  15. if this post survives it needs to be re written - there is no skin centre so the help is pointless as its a 'board' post i think any modification should be by staff
  16. Tony

    Paper skin

    prefer not to - not sure what policy is - you will find it here
  17. Tony

    Paper skin

    not sure it was ever updated for latest builds but will have a search
  18. W....T....Y....A..............

  19. they are encrypted so whatever language you learn will not help - if they are old files make a copy of whats there and copy them over the newer files
  20. cpanel works for me - usual login details - go to any page and its fine - refresh any page and its fine will add - not tested all functions - just clicked trough a few pages - pressed refresh and it does not ask me to log in again - maybe we are looking at it differently but as i say i have no problems
  21. what can anyone say - thats your experience - it works for me - i cannot remember the last crash i had usual help is try a clean install how many tabs do you have open - what extensions are you running - how many favourites do you have - what is the spec of your pc other browsers may work - thats nothing to do with the problem when pointing a finger remember 3 point back at you
  22. maybe try it as most folk do with a not screwed version of windows or whatever - i have no idea what your post means - maybe the way you work is half the trouble ;P put another way - i have no problem