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  1. Tony

    MX5 skin ideas

    address bar is fixed length - not worked that bit out yet - all options that were in 4 seem to be there but commented out for whatever reason
  2. Tony

    MX5 skin ideas

    it might in part - its wip at the moment - it all works but its by no means tested - the side bar is the BIG IF - thats carried over from 4 and is not updated - i have no idea if its possible to get that to work correctly i will not release it as a full skin - its too complicated [imo] - it involves 0.dat - 1.dat and page.dat
  3. Tony

    MX5 skin ideas

    I like 5 but the interface/skin is minimalistic and naff [imo] - maybe this is OTT but it works for me - describe it as a work in progress and shows what can be done it will not be appearing on a site in the Philippines or Nsane
  4. thats not true - i had 3 registered addy's - one in each VIP level - i have only had 2 mails
  5. not only that shes French and they are pushy
  6. but for Larry and me it should be age before beauty
  7. as an advanced user [with the grand total of ONE post] you should know better - why would i or many others want youtube link or imagus - dont use them - never have never will - Maxthon scores in that it can be all things to all people - pre-installed addons will add nothing i take it you know Roxana - if not then look her up she will support you
  8. Loopings or whatever he goes by these days is the skin maestro - must be - it says so in his profile - or Joe maybe - he does skins or is that themes - as to this one - not seen the original
  9. Tony


    i use it - no idea what version - i believe there was an updated one - it can be messy to select the ad or area of the page you want to block but with a bit of playing its possible to get things working its main use [for me] is to block or to hide areas of webpages - large title bars or footers for example - when it works its simple and reliable
  10. at this moment you cannot have a skin file like in 4.4 - what you have done is the only way to do it
  11. its not difficult if it works on 4.4 - unpack that skin and copy it to an unpacked version of 0.dat - then repack it - most will work - it may all work and dont forget to post it here so loopings or whatever he is posting as can thieve it and add it to his site without a by your leave or thank you
  12. loopings is no longer here - well not with that name anyway - he is banned for all sorts of reasons - as to skins he posts/posted they are usually somebody elses work normally without permission of the author or acknowledgement sure the skin you want for 4.9 is possible - your best hope would be to try and port it yourself
  13. 0.dat in in the main maxthon dir - you have to unpack it using the packers here you would also need to unpack the mxskin file you want to add
  14. some help in this thread will 4.9 supports skins - who knows - they have never been interseted in skins or seems not so what we have worked out may be all there is - the method works and there are a few 'skins' that have already been converted - not sure if the one you want is - its not a big job especially if it works well in 4.4
  15. which version of 4 are you using - if its the 4.9 branch then skins are not supported yet - they can work but not in the normal way - a search would help you get it working
  16. the key is 0.dat - you may need to look at 1.dat but looking at 0.dat after unpacking it you will see familiar directories from .mxskin file or the unpacked ui.dat file - so copy files/dirs from the .mxskin file to the unpacked 0.dat file - the structure needs to be complete unlike in MX4 to explain - in 4 to change one thing in a skin it was not required to have the whole skin in the .mxskin file - say you were only altering the tab bar then only the tabbar dir needed to be in the .mxskin file - the rest came from ui.dat that may be as 4.9/5 works long term but at this moment the whole skin needs to be in 0.dat - if you was around 4 in the early days its the same principal that we worked out by altering the ui.dat file i have found that some settings whilst in 0.dat are over ridden by 1.dat which also has some skin files in it so if something does not work correctly its worth adding files/dir to 1.dat as well
  17. you did that pretty much perfectly - theres a couple of minor mistakes - you are using maxthon 3 - the skins in 0.dat are for maxthon 4.9 - i can only suggest you do a bit more reading and it [maybe] will become clearer
  18. Tony


    its controlled by constants.css line - @const TOOLBAR_BG: #f5f5f5; controls the toolbar colour - not checked status bar but that probably uses the same constant - will let you check if you lift the variable - set_alpha(@c_tab_active_bg_temp, 55%) - from skin_c_light.css and add that then it alters the appearance so line becomes - @const TOOLBAR_BG:set_alpha(@c_tab_active_bg_temp, 55%) ; to adjust the transparency level play with the 55% figure simple
  19. Tony

    Psycodelic Skin

    what can i say - they just get better and better -
  20. Tony


    who hid all the content .- got to LOVE this comment which is now hidden "Because this is ordinary user and this is his first skin! "
  21. what else did you expect - its as skins started on MX4 - they either will or wont add skin support - its something that does not seem important to the devs
  22. Tony

    Tabs on bottom

    i accept it as it is really - pondering is somewhat pointless as we probably will get no help from the devs - the best we can hope for is to keep trying an mxskin file in maxthon3/skins and hope one works - thats how i remember it on 4 - old skins just started working - no announcement or anything - i dont think skins as you and i understand them are on the roadmap - they just dont seem bothered if they dont add full skin support then there will be 0.dat files uploaded i guess just as there were ui.dat files for 4 - someone has decided [at the moment certainly] that the skin they supply is fine - a bit like Microsoft and Windows 10 - themes on that at the moment are hard work
  23. Tony

    Tabs on bottom

    dont know is the short answer - further dont know what 1.dat actually does - i deleted the main dir in there and my skin worked apart from a slight graphics error in the main menu - so all i actually have in main in 1.dat is a a couple of files in main menu - that solved the graphics problem will leave the above but its not correct - it was on earlier builds but your question just prompted me to try a couple of things i deleted the files i had left in the main dir in 1.dat and my skin worked fine - not tested more than a quick look and all seems good so it would seem 1.dat is not for the overlay - there are unique dirs in it other than main so they must be called up - my guess to your question is that 0.dat is the skin itself and 1.dat is the workings of it - messages - about etc