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  1. self made skins cause no problem if done correctly - i have been using one i designed through MX3 4 and 5 - others here would say the same - as to themes - well joe with 2 hats will be happy to hear that
  2. thats interesting news - if the internal people are working on skins it will be a first - from MX2 they have pushed nothing more that the stock skin - as to skins in the link you put up - i have not checked each post but the bulk of what was there has been deleted - there are skins on the Chinese forum - apart from that i dont think you will find many here again i question what the devs are doing - is that wishful thinking - guesswork or a fact
  3. skins are down to the members who post them - mainly Wilser and he has decided to withdraw support and the download links 5.01 skins do work on 5.02 - they have changed the 0.dat and 1.dat name to UIHuge and UIMain.dat - caught me out but its as simple as renaming the files
  4. sure it could be done with a skin but no one here is doing skins at the moment - you could look on the chinese forum there may be one there
  5. fully customise it to my liking thats worth repeating - I CAN FULLY CUSTOMISE MX5 TO MY LIKING - well as long as i want to only hide the side bar so to whoever wrote that crap this is my MX5 - its fully customised but not with any help from you the only help i got/get from the devs is they removed some code to stop my CUSTOMISED side favourites bar working so i am stuck on 1200 - adding it back would go a long way to allowing me to customise to my liking on the latest builds
  6. fortunately there is 4.9 for the few that still support Maxthon - 5 is just internal vanity - in business as in life we all get things wrong - putting sticking plasters on something that is terminally broken will do no good how do those of us that still think Maxthon is good have to say it and be taken notice of rather than ignored - vanity is a terrible affliction - those that make the decisions should step outside and look in - see all the loyal users that have gone and ask why all my opinion of course - as ever it will not register
  7. who thought that up - who thinks users want that rather than a 'simple' browser there is a saying - a camel is a horse designed by a committee - MX5 is going that way - whatever its supposed to be it is meaningless if no one uses it and the member and post count here suggest that Hell even some of those with coloured names post they do not use Maxthon as their browser of choice - just support it in the hope that it might get back to its roots - what does that say about the 'information assistant'
  8. all true - its all smoke and mirrors to confuse the poor users
  9. some code from 0,dat <!-- History Button --> <!-- <div class="item nav-history" mx-object="ui.navHistoryButton" mx-listen="$(on-NavHistory)$" " title="$history.recentList$" style="behavior:popup-menu; context-menu: selector(#POPUP_HISTORY);" menu="#POPUP_HISTORY" align-context-menu="bottom"> <div class="icon"></div> </div> --> for those that dont understand it that is the history button that is coded into the standard skin - so its there and would show on the navbar but someone has chosen to hide it from users - WHY?
  10. another good addon - its a shame the devs and those that waste time on ui log in animation could not put that time to better use and add them in the core browser something is badly wrong with the thinking on bringing a full product to the users
  11. Tony

    MX5 skin ideas

    hey i have a mention on MX Philippines - apparently i posted a fake skin - strange i use it every day - so there you go loopings or whoever make of it what you will
  12. can someone try this click on QA icon and open page type something in search box - 123 will do - that opens a google page click on QA icon again to open new QA page do you see search box - best i have seen is it hidden in windows toolbar at bottom of page or not showing anywhere on page minimise maxthon from control button - top right click on maxthon icon in toolbar to expand maxthon search box is where it should be a bug - something on my system - dont know - will wait to see what others find - maybe its known but i cannot find a reference
  13. Tony

    MX5 skin ideas

    like that? - as ever only quickly tested - backup your 0.dat file a new install will overwrite it - so you need to re-apply this - 0.dat is some of the UI so it should be ok to use this with later releases 0.dat
  14. Tony

    Skins issues

    wilser knows the score with skins - if he publishes he is [obviously] happy - if the powers that be got the skin centre working then that solves the problem - but to do that they need sort skins out for 5 rather than the way it has to be done now
  15. Tony

    MX5 skin ideas

    address bar is fixed length - not worked that bit out yet - all options that were in 4 seem to be there but commented out for whatever reason
  16. Tony

    MX5 skin ideas

    it might in part - its wip at the moment - it all works but its by no means tested - the side bar is the BIG IF - thats carried over from 4 and is not updated - i have no idea if its possible to get that to work correctly i will not release it as a full skin - its too complicated [imo] - it involves 0.dat - 1.dat and page.dat
  17. Tony

    MX5 skin ideas

    I like 5 but the interface/skin is minimalistic and naff [imo] - maybe this is OTT but it works for me - describe it as a work in progress and shows what can be done it will not be appearing on a site in the Philippines or Nsane
  18. thats not true - i had 3 registered addy's - one in each VIP level - i have only had 2 mails
  19. not only that shes French and they are pushy
  20. but for Larry and me it should be age before beauty
  21. as an advanced user [with the grand total of ONE post] you should know better - why would i or many others want youtube link or imagus - dont use them - never have never will - Maxthon scores in that it can be all things to all people - pre-installed addons will add nothing i take it you know Roxana - if not then look her up she will support you
  22. Loopings or whatever he goes by these days is the skin maestro - must be - it says so in his profile - or Joe maybe - he does skins or is that themes - as to this one - not seen the original
  23. Tony


    i use it - no idea what version - i believe there was an updated one - it can be messy to select the ad or area of the page you want to block but with a bit of playing its possible to get things working its main use [for me] is to block or to hide areas of webpages - large title bars or footers for example - when it works its simple and reliable
  24. at this moment you cannot have a skin file like in 4.4 - what you have done is the only way to do it