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    with respect - do you really think the majority of people looking to choose a browser are interested in the above - they will not have a clue what you are talking about - i include myself in that - thats why the interest here is minimal - each new release gets downloaded a few time - nothing in real terms - the telegraph site/link you give has a couple of hundred contributors - where are the 700 million Jeff tells us are using Maxthon - gone i suggest you are developing a niche browser - it will have its core but that core will be minimal imo - and statements like Maxthon will provide better services and make the world a better place. have you really thought about that with the world as it is today - Maxthon is seen as a Chinese Browser - thats beyond comment
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    when do you intend to update the core - the one used is many months behind todays release - changes in the core can affect the overall browser so whilst you are busy adding features and fixing bugs a new core could affect much of that
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    I too remain very confused. You've set out why you've chosen BSV over the other blockchain protocols, and that seems to make sense. But you haven't answered the much more important starter question: what has a browser got to do with ANY kind of blockchain? Why do I want it? What benefit does it offer me? And how can a web browser be "built on" what I thought was a system of digital currencies?
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    I just want to agree with @Tony (if I understood you well). I just need a stable, flexible, customized, contemporary browser with many features and extensions. I don't interested in any blockchain etc technology. I used Mx from MyIE times due to flexibility, customizing and lightweight. "Maxthon is a state-of-the-art, multi-platform web browser". That's all. If you want to build a platform for mining, blockchaining, etc you should name it smth else. Everything but the browsing should be optional.
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    Hello Maxers, First, we want to say "thank you" for everyone’s feedback during Alpha testing. We fixed a bunch of bugs and made many optimizations with your help in April. Here are the changelogs: Functions Optimized: 1.1 Account sync and login New tab page data of Maxthon 6 will separate from Maxthon 5, and it will have a separate cloud service and sync to it after importing the data from Maxthon 5 once at the first login. Improved the logic of data sync of the new tab page Added the function to merging data for users who has multiple accounts Added the function to turning off sync and clearing data Improved the state management of account login Improved the interaction of the account login page 1.2 Improved the browser UX Added the right-click menu for homepage button Right-click on the new tab page button to open the copied URL Icons of the bookmarks can be updated automatically Added the saving as image function to the right-click menu of webpage Changed the Help option in the main menu Added the button to the title bar to customizing UI New avatar for the local users Improved the logic of displaying the avatar Improved the interaction of the layout of the user menu 1.3 Browser installation and settings Added more options of displaying buttons to the settings page of Appearance Added the setting of download path Added the option of Account & Sync to the Settings page Improved the installation interface Added the option for customizing the installation path 1.4 Browser tools Added the sharing option to Maxnote; Maxnote data syncing optimized; Screen capture function is available for Maxnote Improved the function of importing bookmarks Added the tool of screen capture Bug Fixed: Fixed the crash issue when syncing Maxnote Fixed the issue that the Chinese words could not be searched in Maxnote Fixed the issue that notes could not be deleted from the Trash of Maxnote Fixed the issue that the checked option could not work properly (open the URL in new tab page when clicking it from Favorites) Fixed the issue that the quick access added repeatedly Fixed the issue that the top 8 data loss when importing the data at the first login Fixed the issue that it prompted password error when registering a new account Fixed the issue that the autosaved passwords could not be edited in Passkeeper Fixed the issue that the Private Notes could not be displayed properly in Passkeeper Fixed the crash issue when clicking Settings under the Incognito window Fixed the crash issue when closing a tab by right-clicking Fixed the issue that the browser GIF avatar could not be displayed properly Fixed the issue that the stop/play button could not work properly on the video webpage Fixed the issue that the tool of screen capture could not work properly on all of the areas Fixed the issue that the tool of screen capture disabled automatically Fixed the issue that the browser prompt window popped up repeatedly when closing the browser with multiple tabs Fixed the issue that the icons of bookmarks could not display properly Fixed crashes Improved the browser language file Improved the buttons displaying in English Fixed the issue that the Split Screen exited automatically after closing the last tab on the left side of the screen Fixed the issue that the title and page could not match when activating the right screen then exiting the Split Screen Fixed the issue that the title bar could not display the title for a long time when using Split Screen with two tabs then closing the current tab Fixed the issue that the default icons of the bookmarks could not display properly on the bookmark bar when using some theme In addition, we have almost completed the development of MX6 Beta Version which contains basic blockchain function. MX6 Beta Version will be tested in next month. If you are interested in MX6, please join the test group at https://t.me/nbdomain . Thank you all for walking along with us. Your advices and suggestions are always welcome !
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    I reiterate the same as the other comments, I don't know what the hell are you talking about on the BSV topic. What I want is a browser, nothing more
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    Use a Chrome extension such as Flash control. There are several that work. Flash will be discontinued in chrome from the end of 2020 anyway.
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    Vivaldi is good browser but it is still missing an option to open new tab from address bar with just enter (and not some other key combination) which is crucial for me.
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    No. We won't run it in the background without your permission.
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    Today, we will talk about the Settings of Maxthon 6. Compared with Maxthon 5, Maxthon 6 provides more personalized settings. Let's take a look at it. Startup page settings You can open a page or pages when you launch MX6 on your computer. It can be a specific page, like New tab, About:blank, Last Session, or it can be a set of pages. Quick save images In "Settings>General>Quick save images", tick "Quick Save images by clicking while holding the Ctrl key" and the images can be saved to the default folder. Tab settings In "Settings>Tab" page, you can do more personalized settings for a tab. You can decide how to open or close a tab and select the position when you create new tab or switch to which tab after closing a tab. MX6 does its best to meet the needs of users in different scenarios and habits. Personalized appearance settings In "Settings>Appearance>Theme", you can personalize your MX6 by changing themes. Besides "Classic Dark Blue" and "Classic Light Blue", you can also find more browser themes in the Theme Store. In the "Interface", you can choose to show some button in address bar or not. Besides that, MX6 provides other customization of appearance, such as customizing fonts and font size. Moreover, MX6 inherits the "Customize UI" menu, so that you can set the interface more easily and quickly. Mouse Gesture MX6 inherits MX5's built-in mouse gestures feature. You can click "More mouse gestures" to get more action selections. Advanced settings In "Settings>Advanced" page, there are the settings about Privacy and security, Accessibility, System, Cache path and Reset settings. With functions optimized, MX6 will open more underlying settings. MX6 can not only become a good browser for ordinary users, but also it can be the best choice for enthusiasts. Summary The Settings of MX6 is still improving. In the Beta version, we will create more convenient features. Your advices and suggestions are always welcome!
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    I agree with Obeserver. People wants a browser that stable. All this any blockchain etc I do not understand it. So please release the alpha or beta versions of MX 6 in this forum so that people start using it and sending you their feeback instead of asking them to subcribe or register to the telegraph site.
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    Hi projektilski, go to Bookmark manager, drag the folder which you need to display to the folder "Desktop Bookmarks," please.
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    Since we announced that Maxthon 6 will support blockchain applications, many users want to know how Maxthon 6 will do it. After communicating with the MX6 development team, we decide to invite users to experience these features in MX6 Beta test. Please join the test and feel the birth of new internet. When it comes to blockchain, many people assume that blockchain and cryptocurrency are the same. Blockchain is one of the underlying technologies of cryptocurrency. They are closely related, but they are not the same thing. Blockchain is a new technology, sometimes referred to as Distributed Ledger Technology. It is "an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way". The primary usage of blockchain today is in the financial sector and it also can be integrated into multiple areas to change the way we live. With great features like reliability, transparency, traceability and immutability, blockchain shifts trust in people and institutions to trust in technology. MX6 will be the first browser that supports blockchain identification, information storage and retrieval. MX6 will provide a blockchain identity manager MX6 will provide a blockchain identity management tool. The blockchain uses public-key cryptography technology to identify different parties. MX6 has used and extended this technology for users to create private identities on internet. When surfing the web, users could enjoy quick payment by fast identity verification and authentication. With the data encryption and decryption, identity manager can validate the ownership of certain data without exposing any user's personal information. By embracing it as an integrated part of the browser, MX6 will provide a powerful and yet private identity validation system, making a safer and convenient new internet. MX6 will support new blockchain domain system MX6 will support a blockchain domain system, which has made blockchain easier to use, by hiding the complexity of blockchain behind domain names. It can be used as an updatable datastore for users and for app developers. For example, register “MyFirstID.test” as your blockchain domain and create "wallet@MyFirstID.test" as your Bitcoin wallet address. Then you will use this address to replace hard-to-remember crypto-address. In this domain system, users can create an unlimited amount of subdomains. With an unlimited amount of subdomains, people can save an unlimited amount of blockchain data, and more importantly, update these data on the fly. All the complexity of updating immutable blockchain is hidden below the domain layer. MX6 is first Bitcoin-powered browser by the BSV blockchain Why does MX6 choose BSV? First, with the Genesis update of BSV, it's technologically matured to develop real applications; Second, BSV's transaction fee is lower and predictable; and the most important reason is that BSV is the regulation-friendly Bitcoin. In BSV, your privacy will be protected better, but privacy does not mean anonymity. This means that your identity will not be exposed, but an audit trail can be conducted if someone wants or needs to investigate misconduct. Blockchain is a nascent technology and it should improve our lives rather than disrupt existing social order. MX6 will provide open APIs that allow developers and businesses to easily integrate their blockchain applications to the Maxthon browser. Summary MX6 will have easy wallet integration to support all BSV applications. It also provides a new identify system powered by cryptography. With the development of Maxthon, more and more blockchain empowered innovative features will be added. MX6 Beta version contains basic blockchain functions. If you are interested in MX6, please join the test group at https://t.me/nbdomain. Your advice and suggestions are always welcome!
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    Can we switch this stuff off if we don't want it?
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    modify search engines function does not work. v1400
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    Thank you for your feedback. I will forward these requests to the product team. It has been added to the Maxthon 6. Go to Settings>General>On startup>About:blank. This known issue has been reported to the dev team.😊 In our forum, we have a test area for testers. If you'd like to join our test team please feel free to contact me. We probably release the beta version in this month.
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    Hi ALDO, it has been added, and it is still being optimized.
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    Try to use latest version - Your browser outdated. http://dl.maxthon.com/mx5/mx5.3.8.2100-beta.exe
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    Try to use latest version - Your browser outdated.
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    URL aliases, please! They're the real constant time-saver that keeps me using Maxthon over other browsers.
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    It could be, but at least integrate the options and tools that were already in MX5, if we do not have the same (or less) than in other browsers My usage experience is still better on MX5 than MX6/chrome
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    Can you implement a tool to transfer the passwd from mx5 to mx6 locally WITHOUT having to have a maxthon account or anything to do with synchronizing? Also another tool to transfer the QA from mx5 to mx6, in local nothing to synchronize?
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    added video for ads. i use ublock origin. bookmarks menu works this time. bandicam 2020-05-08 16-49-40-976.avi
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    Probably add to the official version. It will be appreciated if you could provide a short video of these issues. The recording tool has been attached. bdcamsetup.exe
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    Hi jugurtha, the user data could be imported to Maxthon 6 from Maxthon 5 at the first login. The data of Maxthon 6 is separate, it could not sync with Maxthon 5.
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    Yes, it will be added in the future version.
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    Will there be a video download button ?
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    Hi DONG DONG, In version 1201 we only fixed a bug regarding the tab closing. The bug of registration will be fixed in the future version.
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    "I created maxthon to please myself in the first place"... now you made me sad. With a single superficial sentence you wrote off all the years I've promoted maxthon left and right to a simple "I don't care about the users, all I care about is myself". You had chance here to say something that would bring the community together, instead you did this. You know, I've defended Maxthon when it didn't work properly in MX3, I've defended Maxthon when it cheated in html5 test and I've spent countless hours arguing with Niels Leenheer about whether it's fair to simply remove maxthon from all the test results, I've defended Maxthon all the way until now when it came to every tough decision, every misstep when there were Nitro tryouts and unfunctional mobile browser versions, I did it all because of loyality and belief that Maxthon was different because you guys cared. But I guess I was wrong. And to mention the embracing of new technology and new ideas. Maxthon didn't innovate or bring new technology in years unfortunately. It became stale and outdated, so if embracing innovation is your goal, you have unfortunately failed. I wish you good luck with pleasing yourself, because you have lost me.