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  1. + Improved UI and theme + New settings page and quick access page - Fixed some known bugs Download from: https://github.com/aoyiteam/maxthon/releases/tag/v7.0.0.500
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  2. +1. Now switching tabs has become inconvenient. Returned to version Please remove this indent or add an option to turn it off in the settings.
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  3. There's really nothing to write home about... What they've mostly done is allowed MORE of Chromium's default formatting and functionality instead of as much "customization" in design changes as MX 6.0 had. - Settings is now considerably Chromium's design. - Themeing is considerably Chromium's design. - Quick Access page and settings are considerably Chromium's design, etc. They seem to be trying to keep as much of Chromium's basic design as possible now, things that don't have to be "modified" to give them a bit less work. So, they've "streamlined" more, likely to also help them update the "Core" more often. 7.0 is really mostly just a "formatting" change in a lot of the "design" of the browser, and then the Quick Access Page having several improvements in settings. Hopefully this is a sign we'll start getting more substantive changes coming in the future, i.e. features and functionality many of us are still waiting for, such as my several as indicated "Feature Requests" Forum.
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  4. Please add an enable/disable option in the settings for those who don't need a space. P.S. I do not need.
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  5. 1. I actually like the "padding"... It looks like a TAB as it should. Also, it helps better tell the difference between the Active Tab and the non-active. 2. I have no problem closing the Tab with the Right Mouse Button. How are you putting your mouse JUST on that "tiny" little space? Also, WHY are you using the Right Mouse button anyway to close, rather than "Double-Click" to Close Tab, which is FAR easier and faster? You should request a New "Setting" if you want to remove the space, cause this is actually the normal "default" way Chromium Tabs work, and tabs have worked forever for near all browsers. I know 6.0 was doing it different, removing that space, but that's an unusual not-normal thing. I actually made a request to have the space as default since that's the default for near all other browsers (if I remember right), then to add a setting for those who don't want the space.
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  6. Remove the padding between the active tab and the browser window (indicated in red). The right mouse button does not close the tab, the mouse cursor steps on this indent.
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