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  1. Hello good day every one at MAXTHON 6... not to be disrespectful but i do not think that MX6 is easy for yall to fix and make 100% stable... I know it is that yall do it your way but clearly seeing the comments people drop this is a terrible browser with so many mistakes it is ridiculous.. at this point in asking myself is it even safe to even use this browser for a lot of people everybody is complaining rightfully... flashpeak slim jet (64 bit) is a browser you guys should model MX6 after that thing is so stable it is ridiculous.. The ONLY reason i STILL use MX6 is because of the ctrl+left click mouse to copy pictures and also the hold in right mouse click for the line draw/marker line/mouse gesture trail i come to find out that i truly/want those features in a browser so i do not want flashpeak slim jet 64 but other then that it is better then MX6 with "stability" and "no error" whatsoever.. i have not ever come across an error in slimjet.. not a self shutdown, crash, can not restart etc. nothing... MX6 would be good if you had a bigger team working on it as a job instead of a hobby.. this browser seems like a hobby that people tinker with in their free time instead of an actual company like google chrome or flashpeak slim jet or firefox... those browsers are jobs of people that they need to work at minimum 8 hours a day and they have a whole team working on it... MX6 is probably only a few retired guys doing us a favour.. well.. thank you for making MX6 i still use it MORE then flashpeak, firefox and google chrome and anything else... Buuuuuut it is very irritating that the BEST browser that I REALLY LOVE has Soooo many problems.. i want to divorce you MX6 Buuuuuuut the p*ssy is good so i will stay.. ONLY because the S3X is good.. OR ELSE? I would have gone and found a NEW wife 100% and filed for divorce from my MX6 But then again i have spend "20175 hours" since "2013-08-11 08:59:18" i have been married to Maxthon.. but since MX6 got plastic surgery and came out "looking" like chrome... i said hmmm? Why did you do the plastic surgery.. you look nothing like what i fell in love with.. but i gave it a try and i liked the MX6 very much... even though the botox lips MX6 put on.. the fake tits... the make up was not what i wanted i still stay with MX6 but i will tell you i have cheated on MX6 a few times... I NEVER EVER EVER cheated on MX3,4,5 I STAYED using those browsers 100% and i never went to flashpeak slimjet or chrome or firefox during those years.. but then MX6 started to do plastic surgery and started looking like other girls and i thought to myself.. since "you" wanna "look" like other girls on the market then maybe i should go and sleep with them then.. so i went.. but came back to MX6 cause of certain featurings that i can not get from those other girls... and i told MX6 "listen" "you are lucky" that they do not have what you have "or else" i would leave you and never come back... So yeah.. maxthon 6 small team.. make my wife MX6 work stable and stop giving her plastic surgery.. give her back her normal boobs and stop using make up and fake nails and extentions in the hair.. i like my maxthon just how she is... also you are making my CPU spin hard when i look at video websites but with "SRWare Iron" my CPU does not spin like crazy when i go to a video hosting website... back in the days maxthon was not making my CPU spin like it is running a AAA game on pc.. now every time i am on a video hosting website maxthon makes my CPU spin hard.. So yeah.. can you fix my "wife MX6" i do not want to have multiple wives cause they cost time and money.. other browsers make my work at least 5 to 20 minutes slower.. maxthon 6 is very fast and quick when it comes to do doing screen shot lessons for example ... but yeah.. i hope you fix it to be at least stable and no crashes and "stop making me cheat on my wife MX6 cause that is all "your" fault... On "2013-08-11 08:59:18" i got married=(registered an account at maxthon) but i dated her for a few weeks before i was married officially to MAXTHON...
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  2. A suggestion to Maxthon developers... Disable the UI elements until you've actually implented the feature fully!
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  3. Hello! 1. Most downloads come from www.softpedia.com (via direct external link to publisher's website)... I click the link on their website to initiate the download, browse to folder, then save as normal... Not every day, but most days, duplicate entries are created, which are not removed when clearing list, implying caching issue. 2. Had another issue yesterday: had a power cut while Mx6 was running, with multiple tabs open, after turning PC back on, booting up & going back into Mx6, all tabs were lost & went instead to https://i.maxask.com/, despite "Continue where you left off" being ticked... that should really update the 'open tabs file' (or whatever you use) as each tab is opened (& remove entry if a tab is closed), not just when Mx6 is closed. 3. Any chance this millennium you're going to update Chromium!? Why have you let Mx6 get so far behind!? It's not just serious safety & feature issues, but now many users are reporting compatibility problems too. There really is no excuse for not updating Chromium when they release a new stable version (not just Chromium, but any & all plugins you use too). 4. Am I missing something with the spell checker not working for me or is this a 'feature' that's been added? 5. Will selectable & editable user agent be added back? 6. When Mx6 is being installed, I assume it reads the current Windows language & installs the correct language pack accordingly(?), in which case, USA English is NOT the same as UK English & you need to update some entries (e.g. color(USA)=colour(UK))
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