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  1. Hello, (why is there lag when I try to enter my reply here? seem to be from the formatting options) A few things I have noticed: 1. In the last versions tabs close unexpectedly (crash) without a visible reason. This seems to happen all the time, so it couldn't be a click by mistake on my part. No such problem with the last MX5. 2. What happened with the top row of "hot" buttons on the new tab? I see the option is grayed and it used to be very convenient, especially when you customize it instead of the proposed hot sites. 3. What happened with the option to fill forms (user/pass) with a shortcut (ALT+q)? Is there some limitation on activating the user/pass fill option on sites with non-valid certificate or old security support (TLS < 1.2)? 4. Is there some internal/hidden default "shortcut" of CTRL+click to lock map scrolling? This happens only on MX6 and I can't seem to find the culprit and disable this behavior. CTRL+click should be used for multiple selection. 5. Is there still a way to activate double-click scrollbar behavior like in MX5 for go-to-top and go-to-bottom? Thank you and truly sorry if these topics have been discussed already.
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