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  1. Hello! Version (64-bit) 0910 (installed) 1. Started up ok after install (unlike previous 4 versions!), but the quick launch needed to be refreshed else only showed the defaults 2. In status bar, the local IP showed the internet address, but not the network address (just a thin, empty rectangle)... clicked & reselected the same & was then ok 3. When opening the download manager, it's still a popup, not a window, so if not pinned & switch to another window, one can't alt+tab back to it 4. Download manager window still not resizable 5. When downloading, the 'New Download Task' dialogue is displayed, but still not the download manager window, showing previous downloads 6. Download manager still not showing path, under filename, for current/previous records 7. Bookmarks still not scrolling when there's more than will fit on screen
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  2. You moved "delete" option in bookmarks to submenu? 😮 "delete" is far most used option. #1 - why to hide it, make harder to access? 😃 #2 is "rename". Personally I dont mind "cut, copy, paste" in submenu, although honestly dont see purpose of those Triangle submenus // also missing (from older versions of MX) direct access to 'bookmark all tabs" when right clicking on the tab.
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  3. Can we get the "Properties" option when right-clicking on an image, as in MX5 and before?
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