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  1. Well, another version has come out, probably the fifth or sixth in a row, but the promise is still not being fulfilled. "will be done in the next version" - every time you write, and the start page, as it was with colored squares, remains! Where are the promised "screenshots" instead of the "block color" on the start page?
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  3. I'm afraid to install it. Comments not helping. ? Edit: I've installed it, I have no problem, no crash, nor app, nor extensions. Thanks. I hope you add (as I asked early) shortcut for mute and unmute site. Because very often I mute and unmute Zynga Poker. ? Thanks for awesome browser.
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  4. That's the problem with MX6. It's been in development for over a year and we still haven't got basic features from MX4 and 5. For me it's still for testing only.
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  5. Hi rambo, I tried to test this issue but haven't reproduced. Could you provide me a video of it? Did you use the latest version It will be added to MX6 as soon as possible. ?
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  6. continue.. 10) super drug is #1 reason started using MX many many years ago. Noticed it doesn't work in mx6 sometimes. E.g. YouTube left menu: home, watch later, subscriptions, lists... In MX5 everything ok. 11) "tab mute". Why missing? "Mute site" is different. And IMHO it is useless. What is the purpose of site mute? when I have multiple YouTube tabs and right click -> "mute site" mutes all tabs.. Why? We need a) global mute, and b) tab mute. Also, why not to make it like in mx5 directly on tab? you already have microphone icon on tab when music playing, so you don't have space problem. Why not to add feature when clicking on it tab mutes?! In mx5 everything was more convenient. Now you have new scrum master? ))
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