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  1. So, here's a video about the "last session" bugs: And one more thing, why it was impossible to return the top line to the start page, it was convenient. As in the screenshot.
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  2. Manually updating from 801 portable to this crashed all extensions permanently... Also I tired of getting sometimes blank page at start instead of last session - fix this please (happens when there a lot of tabs before closing MX6)!
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  3. It's true, but I want my new tabs to be next to the current tab, so this is not a good option for people that have the same preference. Actually, since we are talking about this, I would like the option as it used to be in older MX versions, and also in most other browsers: completely new tabs (like from pressing the "New Tab" button) to be all the way to the right, but links opened in a new tab (either by r-click - "open link in new tab", ctrl+click, shift+click and drag&drop) to open next to the current tab. This is the most intuitive way in my view.
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