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  1. If you unluckily lose bookmarks, you can try to restore the bookmarks by using the backup file. 1. Open Maxthon 6 browser. 2. Open the installation path, for example, D:\Users\lenovo\AppData\Local\Maxthon\ 3. Open the folder "User Data" under the folder "Maxthon" 3. Find the account folder you'd like to restore data, such as "Default" 4. Under the folder "Default," you can find and open the folder "Backups" > "BookMarks" 5. Choose a backup file, copy it, then paste it to your account folder, such as "Default" 7. Rename the backup file as "Bookmarks,"
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  2. Hello. Thank you for your help! I managed to restore my bookmarks on my own. you can use this manual "How to restore bookmarks" with my comments on it!
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  3. Hello! Maxthon Version 0417 When opening multiple tabs in the background (e.g. www.bbc.co.uk to open lots of news items), often, video content is missing (been the same with ALL Mx6 releases)... Press F5 to refresh the page & the video is fine. In Mx5, Passkeeper had a "more" section for additional fields (not just username & password), but Mx6 doesn't (e.g. www.nsandi.com has "NS&I number", "Surname" + "Password" (although, the latest Mx6 now puts the "Surname" into the "NS&I number" field!), but only "Surname" + "Password" are stored). Un
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  4. Hi Midevil Chaos, unfortunately the icon placement cannot be customised.
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  5. Hi Mr. SS, we will record this request and report it to the product team.😊
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  6. Hi Brutalligent, you could restore your favorites by using this method: https://rongjiecomputer.github.io/chrome/bookmark-recovery/#windows Maxthon 6 bookmark management is the same as the Chrome browser. Hope this info helps
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