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  1. This download function is really missing and open in a separate window dont show timeline anymore this was really helpfull if adblock didn't do a thing MX5 MX6 Also i miss this simple window where i can acces all and not two separate buttons one to manage account and other to go to settings And i still cant find downlod manager i miss this one very much, it was the reason I used maxthoon that was really easy to manage were to save file with all saved locations. and mxdl file extension too And as was mentiond before I was able to click on speaker picture on a tab to mute tab which is much easer than right clicking it. I hope that all the functuionality from MX5 will be implemented some day, till then i guess I'll use MX5 and some other browser. Thanks for attention
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  2. Maybe if Maxthon 6 had AdBlockPlus on there...then,it'll be fine.
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  3. I need status bar with zoom +- buttons on it and global mute, also where is mute on individual tabs?I believe you also missing "add to favorites" when you click star
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