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  1. Yes, a real download manager is very important. The one from MX5 was good enough for me; what is now in MX6 is totally useless.
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  2. Does anyone have trouble with fullscreen mode on youtube? Some of videos (approximately every second one) become completely messed up in fullscreen like this. Or is it just me? Mx5 is ok
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  3. Just tried latest Mx6.1.1.1000 & still missing LOTS from Mx5 & still getting compatibility issues: 1. download file size not displayed before download has already started... need to know size to know where to store 2. quick launch thumbnails... still missing... could also offer to use website favicon image 3. download auto-rename... doesn't work at all unless folder has already been parsed. also, auto-renames if download name exists in parsed folder, even if about to browse to another where it doesn't exist. MUST parse folder BEFORE checking 4. minimize to system tr
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