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  1. Recently started testing and using Maxthon 6 again, {without login} There is still 1 thing I ABSOLUTELY Hate is the Tab management {Since previous versions of MX 6 had issue's causing it to crash when opening tons of tabs, i could not test this fully} The older version had a nice an initiative feel where you could still see what tabs you had, and a drop-down menu when you filled up your tab bar The newer version has the same feel as Crome giving a Cluttered mess of a Tab bar if you have lots of tabs open at the same time. {on a 24" FHD screen the limit is around 20-30 Tabs, before its getting to cluttered/ unusable, because you can no longer read what the tab says} _____________________________ I have 2 Idea's to fix this. option 1: revive the older Tab bar system from MX 5 {This had the best feel and usefulness, since you can still read the tabs, and have a drop-down menu with all excess tabs} {This can be done trough a "official" add-on, or build into as a core mechanic} Option 2: "Lockable" Group tabs which can each hold up to ?? Tabs total. For a total of ?? Group tabs for a total of ?? Tabs. {User defined group tab limit, so each user can adjust it depending on their screen size, since a 27 Inch screen can hold more tabs than a 24 inch screen} {With a setting to Auto generate a new group map, when the Bar hits the user defined limit- amount of existing groups} {can be turned on or off} {each Group tab will get a Drop down menu for Its Grouped tabs} {It is a bit similar to the Favorites bar Map} only then in the browser Tab ________________________ Screenshot: of both versions to compare the current Tab management. {Please note all tabs {without logo} in both windows are "New tabs"}
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