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    As you probably already noticed, Maxthon's Extensions Center is "frozen": the latest updated extension was Shopping Assistant (2019/08/01). I have upload a few updates for some of my extensions before I noticed that they are still "pending approved". Some of these are updated regularly, and I'm sure that many people still use and will use old versions of Maxthon with old extensions. So we need a plan B: what if we use the forum to post updates and new extensions? But I hope this is a temporary solution... In this thread I will post updates for my old extensions (and maybe new ones). If you upload your extension to the comments, I will edit the main post and add the link to your comment. It's a crutch, but right now it's the easiest way to share updates with users. Let's go! Twitter 2.3.8 (05.07.2019) - new menu and icons SaveTube (10.05.2020) - changelog ViewTube (30.05.2020) - changelog LinkTube (25.11.2019) - changelog Twitter 2.3.8.mxaddon SaveTube 2020.05.10.mxaddon ViewTube 2020.05.30.mxaddon LinkTube 2019.11.25.mxaddon