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    Since we announced that Maxthon 6 will support blockchain applications, many users want to know how Maxthon 6 will do it. After communicating with the MX6 development team, we decide to invite users to experience these features in MX6 Beta test. Please join the test and feel the birth of new internet. When it comes to blockchain, many people assume that blockchain and cryptocurrency are the same. Blockchain is one of the underlying technologies of cryptocurrency. They are closely related, but they are not the same thing. Blockchain is a new technology, sometimes referred to as Distributed Ledger Technology. It is "an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way". The primary usage of blockchain today is in the financial sector and it also can be integrated into multiple areas to change the way we live. With great features like reliability, transparency, traceability and immutability, blockchain shifts trust in people and institutions to trust in technology. MX6 will be the first browser that supports blockchain identification, information storage and retrieval. MX6 will provide a blockchain identity manager MX6 will provide a blockchain identity management tool. The blockchain uses public-key cryptography technology to identify different parties. MX6 has used and extended this technology for users to create private identities on internet. When surfing the web, users could enjoy quick payment by fast identity verification and authentication. With the data encryption and decryption, identity manager can validate the ownership of certain data without exposing any user's personal information. By embracing it as an integrated part of the browser, MX6 will provide a powerful and yet private identity validation system, making a safer and convenient new internet. MX6 will support new blockchain domain system MX6 will support a blockchain domain system, which has made blockchain easier to use, by hiding the complexity of blockchain behind domain names. It can be used as an updatable datastore for users and for app developers. For example, register “MyFirstID.test” as your blockchain domain and create "wallet@MyFirstID.test" as your Bitcoin wallet address. Then you will use this address to replace hard-to-remember crypto-address. In this domain system, users can create an unlimited amount of subdomains. With an unlimited amount of subdomains, people can save an unlimited amount of blockchain data, and more importantly, update these data on the fly. All the complexity of updating immutable blockchain is hidden below the domain layer. MX6 is first Bitcoin-powered browser by the BSV blockchain Why does MX6 choose BSV? First, with the Genesis update of BSV, it's technologically matured to develop real applications; Second, BSV's transaction fee is lower and predictable; and the most important reason is that BSV is the regulation-friendly Bitcoin. In BSV, your privacy will be protected better, but privacy does not mean anonymity. This means that your identity will not be exposed, but an audit trail can be conducted if someone wants or needs to investigate misconduct. Blockchain is a nascent technology and it should improve our lives rather than disrupt existing social order. MX6 will provide open APIs that allow developers and businesses to easily integrate their blockchain applications to the Maxthon browser. Summary MX6 will have easy wallet integration to support all BSV applications. It also provides a new identify system powered by cryptography. With the development of Maxthon, more and more blockchain empowered innovative features will be added. MX6 Beta version contains basic blockchain functions. If you are interested in MX6, please join the test group at https://t.me/nbdomain. Your advice and suggestions are always welcome!
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    Can we switch this stuff off if we don't want it?