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  1. Hi newcomer, Welcome to Maxthon forum! There are loads of useful content here waiting for you to explore. We believe you can not only find the answers you're looking for, but also find out how helpful you can be. Firstly, you need to write your very first post here in this section by clicking the green button "start new topic" in the top right corner. In the first post, you can write anything you would like to tell us. We are looking for content like who you are, where you from, why you come, self-stories, how many years have you been using Maxthon, etc. Better not to report issues in your 1st post, we always approve very fast, so you can post your questions later in corresponding sections like MX4, MX5, etc. For urgent issues, please contact our tech supporters directly here. BTW, use SEARCH in the forum will help solve most of your problems. After your first post has been approved by our staff or admins, you will get more privileges automatically like access to more boards, permissions to post and reply topics, etc. Let's get the party started, shall we? Maxthon Forum Team 01-13-2017
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