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  1. Customizable Skins for MX5! - If you like these "skins" click the button "I like"! Skin Alpha: Skin Macaw: Skin Mac: Skin Chrome: Skin Nitro: Downloads • All_Skins.7z • Background_Images.7z Important: Before making any changes. do not forget to make a backup of the "Start" folder and "UIHuge.dat, UIMain.dat" files located in ..\Bin\ All files must be decompressed in: Install Version: C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxthon5\Bin\ or C:\Program Files\Maxthon5\bin\ Portable Version : MaxthonPortable\Bin\
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  2. Auto mode added in v1.4.0!! Uploaded to extension centre. Will hopefully be available next week some time. Thanks, but i can't take too much credit for it. Using the original code from the MX4 extension created by their devs. I just made it work as best i could as an extension seeing as the new one wasn't received too well by users.
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