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  1. Maxthon is no more a browser... Now it's a (web) superb notebook, because being "just" a simple browser isn't so "amazing", "wanted by MILLIONS mx users", "innovative". Assistant... OMG!!!
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  2. Maxthon 5 is horrible with the unusable Infobox/Maxnote and the pointless UUMail and Passkeeper, but it's ok as I can still use Maxthon 4. So no need to be worried I just want a web browser.
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  3. Dear BugMiss006 - sorry for not knowing your name... I wish to thank you for your patience and long support. The last action taken, solved the problem of crashing while printing a page/picture as a picture. With our mutual effort, the importance of the flash.ocx is revealed. This file name is changed when updating and hold the version date, therefor the link you sent to solved this problem, is very easy to implement. I will watch to Maxthon behavior in the next days and let you know if the other problems which I reported, are also solved All the best, and again thank you for your kindness Shlomo
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  4. Another "great" PR's bullshit, the same as Night Mode in Android version... http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/topic/21134-mx5-pc-android-ios-official-release/#comment-110656 Instead wasting money and resources on this fancy GIF's and screenshots you should spend more time to fix your "innovative" browser notebook.
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  5. fortunately there is 4.9 for the few that still support Maxthon - 5 is just internal vanity - in business as in life we all get things wrong - putting sticking plasters on something that is terminally broken will do no good how do those of us that still think Maxthon is good have to say it and be taken notice of rather than ignored - vanity is a terrible affliction - those that make the decisions should step outside and look in - see all the loyal users that have gone and ask why all my opinion of course - as ever it will not register
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  6. Thanks a lot, I will try your suggestions and let you know All the best
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