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  1. Dictionary 3.0, SaveTube, ViewTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, VK.com, OK.ru, LiveJournal, Web-ICQ and Web-ICQ Ru, etc. as I think...
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  2. if you have read the rules, you probably have noticed this one (rule number 9)... this applies to you too.. and it's been several posts now that you are breaking this one, and still you're neither banned nor warned.. ! so please don't relay wrong information about us banning people for nothing. I understand Looping is your friend, that does not mean he did not break the rules. I let you aknowledge this, then, due to respect for Wilser's job, I will hide all posts that are off topic !
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  3. The author has the right to decide who he distributes his work to. Stealing and re-distributing artwork without the authors permission is plagiarizm.
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